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Planning for Spring Break

So work is quiet today, which isn’t the norm, but I am trying to enjoy it.

While I do need to re-organize my office a bit, I decided to try to plan out my Spring Break a bit instead.  I have so much that I want to do with my Spring Break.  I want to relax and enjoy being away from school, but I also really want to get some stuff done around my house, outside of the house and be productive, so I made a list.


It’s a short list, right? Haha!

I don’t have a ton of work stuff that I need to do over break because luckily most of my scheduling duties are done, most of my rising seniors are handled, so I just have to read their college application essays over break.  So it’s nice that I don’t have to focus on work too much because, as you can see, I have a lot of other stuff to do.  I have two doctor’s appointments, a lot of house stuff, some excursions I want to go on.

And, I promise, I’m really not THAT Type A (I don’t think, anyway) but I actually started writing out what I wanted to do on what day on my school desk calendar pad, just to give me a visual to see if I can actually get a good chunk of this stuff done.


So I kind of do have a plan for almost every day that I’m home.  I do have a few just hang out and relax days, but I’m, as you can see, going to be keeping pretty busy.  Obviously, I might change up what days I do some things, except for the days when I have appointments, but I wanted to at least map some stuff out for my own sanity.

So I’m sitting here at work, just impatiently waiting for the days to be over so that I can finally be on spring break because I see all this stuff I need to do and want to do and I want to get started on it all.

That and I’m tired, it’ll be nice to have almost two weeks off of work to recharge and relax and do some stuff that I like doing.  So that when I come back, I’m all ready to tackle the last leg of this school year.  It’s hard to believe the year is almost over already! Crazy!


3 thoughts on “Planning for Spring Break”

  1. I have those large whiteboard calendar decals and I often find myself just standing there staring at it.. the visualization for the days events really does help.
    Looking like a nice relaxing spring break

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