Devon Relationship

I’m admittedly lame

Devon has a little cold (and we know how men are with those) and it’s not like that super ridiculous cold disease he brought into this house at Valentine’s Day.  It’s legit just a little stuffy, coughy thing.

But like, he went to bed early tonight to try and sleep off some of the crap and I’m all like….”but I is lonely, tho, :sad face:”

Yes, I am THAT girlfriend.

I’m not the girlfriend that said it, though.  My logical side would rather him go to sleep and let his body fight it and work through all of it.  But there’s the little tantrum-y five year old that wants to be all “NO…STAY HERE!”.

Please tell me I’m not the only crazy one?

Like I know people think we’re nauseating because we can legitimately spend 24/7 together and enjoy it and the same are probably rolling their eyes that I’m all tantrum-y on the inside because he went to bed early but I miss him.  And I don’t like that he doesn’t feel good so it’s just like a conglomeration of huffy tantrum-y grr-ness.

And no, most of those aren’t actually words.

But hopefully no one thinks I’m completely insane.  I’m a little moody today and this happens to be my current mood, so hopefully it doesn’t freak anyone out.  But I appreciate honesty and realness in blogging and this is pretty real today.

Now, I think I’m gonna go watch some random stuff on YouTube and head to bed soon. Not because I miss Devon.  But because I’m actually tired and it’s almost bedtime anyway.


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