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Mr. Domestic’s Birthday!! 

So I was going to blog about something else a little more serious, but before I do that I had to mention that it’s Devon’s birthday today!!  He is 31 today. 

He’s not a big birthday person (whereas I am), so we typically spend his birthday rather quietly, which is what he wants. I took him out to dinner last night, made a nice big pitcher of sangria, and made him his favorite confetti cake. Tonight, I’m making him his requested spaghetti and meatballs, which will also be followed with more sangria and cake. 

Nice and quiet.  No big celebrations. Biggest “gathering” will be when we go to his moms next weekend for her traditional “birthday paella”, his grandparents will likely come over, and that’ll be enough people for him. 

Currently he’s happily playing Assassin’s Creed, and it’s one of the few days where I won’t roll my eyes if he plays it all day. It’s his birthday, he can do what he wants.  I was watching him play before I started blogging and he likes an audience when he plays. He generally starts doing commentary and making weird comments when he knows he has an audience. It’s funny. 

So, I have a couple of those Timehop-y apps on my phone that show me what I did on certain days in years past. Apparently, two years ago, today, I posted this on Instagram:  

It was like a time lapse photo of us. The top picture was us sophomore year of college. Well, my sophomore year, his junior (he was on the five year plan thanks to a major change, which is how we graduated together).  And the bottom was us about a month after we started dating. I like to say we still look the same as the bottom picture, but that Devon has a few more grey hairs spattered throughout his hair.  Cause he’s old. 

Devon has a tendency to look back on his birthday and see the things he either hasn’t done that he was hoping to have done by a certain age or things he wishes were different. It’s why he’s not big on his birthday. I prefer to see the good stuff.  Like someone that I can’t wait to come home to every day, someone who is thoughtful (like on nights when I have a school event at night that I have to go to, he typically orders something from the deli across the street and runs home after to school to pick it up because he wants to make sure I eat before I go back to work), someone who is caring and takes care of me even when I don’t make it easy for him to do so. 

Can he annoy me?  Yes. Are there days I where I remind him what a sponge is and how it works on a stovetop? Oh yeah. 

But on his birthday, I like tore member how lucky I am to get another year with him. Even on the days where I want to throw his PlayStation controller at his head, I’m still happy he’s here. 

Happy Birthday, Old Man.  I love you. 


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