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Our Story: The Beginning


Mine and Devon’s 3-year anniversary is quickly approaching.  I always start to feel a little nostalgic this time of the year as a result.  Having those Timehop apps only intensifies that because I look back over the past couple years and before we were together, and I see our relationship begin and change and evolve through all of that time and it just makes me happy.  Devon has always been someone who was special to me and that’s only grown over the past three years.

We went to dinner with Lisa last night and we were talking about Frostburg and how Devon and I met and just our history and there were some things she didn’t even know.  And it dawned on me that despite this blog being a lot about us and our life; there’s never been a lot of backstory.  So, I feel like with our anniversary right around the corner, a “Stephanie and Devon history” seems fitting and what better way than to start at the beginning.

Devon and I met in college at Frostburg State University.  I was a freshman and he was a sophomore.  I was hanging out with a friend of mine and she mentioned that a friend of hers down the hall asked her to stop by because some of her boyfriends family was coming up to visit him and they were going to meet her and she was anxious about it so she wanted a couple other people with her for moral support.  So my friend and I go down the hall to the other room and there he is.  The aforementioned boyfriend was none other than Devon.  His brother  and his cousin were coming up for a visit.  Introductions were exchanged and all of that.

And before anyone gets any ideas into their head I kind of thought he was an ass when I met him.

I mean, I didn’t hate him or anything; I was pretty apathetic to him, in all honesty.  But like the more he talked, I’m thinking, “wow…you don’t know the difference between sarcasm and being an ass do you?” (Spoiler: he’s gotten better but still sometimes forgets the difference.)

And there was mutual apathy.  He told me that he was as ambivalent to me as I was to him.  And the ambivalence sort of stuck for awhile, it probably wasn’t until the beginning of the next year when the ambivalence went away and I actually regarded him as a friend.

But, I’m jumping ahead of myself.

Eventually, Devon’s family gets there and everyone is talking/chatting for awhile.  Throughout the conversation, I’m just there thinking that the only person out of this family that I like is his cousin (she’s still one of my favorite people in the family).  She was funny in the same kind of way that I am; it’s probably why we get along so well now.  But his brother I was also kind of ambivalent to because his personality seemed a lot like Devon’s but magnified and not in a good way because remember, I thought Devon was an ass.

Once they all left my friend and I went back to her room where I proceeded to ask her “does he always act like that because he’s kind of annoying?”  She was like, yeah he can be, but I just kind of ignore it.

Luckily for me, he matured out of a lot of that.  Don’t get me wrong, he still has his moments, but he’s not as annoying as he used to be.  He controls himself better than he did when we first met.

After that first initial meeting, I would have been content if that had been the only exchange we had.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  But this is also why your first impressions of people aren’t always the best judge of character.  If I had followed my first impression of Devon we sure as hell wouldn’t be getting ready to celebrate our third anniversary.


to be continued…..

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