Christmas Holiday Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts: Christmas Edition

*I still have so much wrapping to do.  I’ve been slacking so much with it this year; it’s bad.  Even Devon did his already.  Usually it’s the other way around.  I have all day today to do it, that doesn’t make it sound promising, though.  

*We didn’t wake up until 11am this morning.  That’s become unprecedented in this house.  Normally, we’re up by 9:00-9:30, at the latest.  Probably helped that we were out until about 1am with friends of ours and wound up not going to bed until around 3:00am.  The likes of that also doesn’t happen much around here.  

*There are some MD areas that are terrifying at night.  And I don’t actually mean downtown Baltimore City like most of you would probably assume.  Our friends, that we saw last night, live in a pretty rural area around Hampsted, MD.  And, I mean “rural” in the sense of lots of wide open spaces, corn fields, and houses almost miles apart from each other.  When Devon and I were driving up there, our GPS took us through some of the smallest, darkest, and curviest roads probably in this state.  We felt like we were in the middle of a horror movie and were just waiting for some sort of zombie-like person to be standing in the middle of a road after a curve.  I was never so happy to see “civilization” as I was after that.  

*I am fully evicted from our kitchen today (not that I mind) because today is Devon’s annual Baking Day.   He takes over the entire kitchen on Christmas Eve baking several dozen cookies of a few varieties.  It has also become tradition to order a pizza on Christmas Eve because he’s so engrossed in his cookie making, we couldn’t make dinner even if we tried.  Most of the fruits of his labor go with us to our respective families tomorrow (my brother loves his chocolate chip cookies and his family pretty much doesn’t allow him in the house without a huge pan of snickerdoodles), but some will stay here for him and I to have throughout break.  Plus, I get to taste test while he’s making them, so this whole day is just a win for me.  

*I hope everyone has a great and relaxing Christmas holiday!  Merry Christmas!!

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