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I can’t reach the remote….

I mean, it’s on the coffee table that is in front of the couch I’m currently sprawled out on…but….it’s so far away.

I know as of late, I have a tendency to be lazy on weekends, but I ramped it ten-fold this weekend. The most I’ve done is make bacon for brunch this morning (as it’s Devon’s weekend to make dinner and he also made our waffles for brunch). I haven’t even done dishes or vacuumed. I never even went outside to get the mail yesterday.


There are things I could do, but not feeling it.

I do need to make my lunch for the week, but that can happen later.

I’m using the excuse of having a really rough week at school this past week as my reason for teh lazy. School counselors are the ones that are trained to deal with traumatic issues in schools while putting on a brave face. It’s hard to keep that brave face sometimes. I was given the news early this week that one of my young students is very, very ill. His mother came in and spoke to myself, his teacher and the school principal and within moments there wasn’t a dry eye in the office. It’s never fair that someone so young has something that might kill them.

Being the counselor also gives me the job of explaining to his class (and the families) where he is and what is going on. It also has me try to keep the situation as positive as possible (as, like him, they’re all young) and say that he’s getting all the help he needs and hopefully he’ll be okay. Meanwhile, in private I break at the thought of this little person having to endure so much pain and the ridiculous unfairness of it all.

So my utter laziness this weekend is partial decompression. Just recuperating from a really hard, emotionally taxing week. There’s that little guilt of things I should/could have done, but I think I needed a weekend to just sleep, watch funny movies and nod off on the couch at will.

I still can’t seem to reach the remote, though. Maybe Devon can get it when he ultimately gets up for a drink or something.

Yes, it’s that lazy right now.

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