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Linguine with Sausage and Peppers

So, since I started to finally feel better (read: I could breathe without difficulty) this past Friday, I decided that I wanted to actually make something decent for dinner. This was one of those meals that I wanted to try that wasn’t quite as heavy as the stuff I’ve been eating like I mentioned forever ago, or at least it seems like forever ago .


This was one of my Pinterest finds that I altered a little to suit Devon and I. The original recipe was found on the Let The Baking Begin blog and I mainly just adjusted for items that we already had in the house and for mine and Devon’s preference for spicy foods. For instance, we used a hot Italian pork sausage, but you could easily substitute a sweet pork sausage or a chicken sausage as well. I also added a good amount of red pepper flake, if you’re not a huge fan of the spice, you could either lessen the amount or omit all together.

It was super easy to out together and took about 20 minutes to cook in entirety. And it makes a ton because Devon and I both took seconds, which is high praise from Devon (he can sometimes be a little picky when it comes to new things).

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