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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale + Nordstrom Rack Clear the Rack Sale

I do enjoy shopping at Norsdstrom for certain things; classic pieces that go from season to season and year to year as well as quality pieces that will be staples in my wardrobe or home.

But, I know that quality comes with a price that I’m not always super excited about, so Nordstrom sales and Nordstrom Rack are basically my favorite things ever. They give me the quality and pieces I want for a lot less money than I would spend paying full retail.

We all know I love our Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the summer, but there is also the Half Yearly Sale that happens right after Christmas, as well as a Clear The Rack Sale at Nordstrom Rack to get rid of all their clearance items.

It’s a great time to shop both of these stores because you can grab amazing quality and classic pieces for a fraction of the cost that you would if you paid full retail.

I’m showing you some of my favorite deals from both stores – some of which are things I grabbed in the Anniversary sale this past summer (like the sweater above) that would be great to grab while you can!

NordstromHalf Yearly Sale

Nordstrom Rack – Clear the Rack Sale

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