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Oh Wegmans, I love you.

Okay, so I’m weird. I really love going to the grocery store. I also really love going to Wegmans. I could spend all day in Wegmans. Part of my excitement in Devon and I moving to Columbia was that I now live super close to the Wegmans and don’t have to get on a major highway to go to one. It made me so happy.

Stop looking at me like I’m crazy.

I know for most people grocery shopping is pretty much equal to getting a root canal. These days. I’d rather go to a grocery store than a mall.

Again, stop looking at me like that.

I finally got Devon to go to Wegmans with me this morning (as he’s hopelessly partial to another grocery store chain around the Baltimore area). Once he saw the half of the store with the rotisserie chickens and the burger bar and all, he was happy. (And yes, we have gotten so domestic as to have Saturday be grocery store day.)

But we need to go back to eating better in this house. With the holidays and all, we sort of went away from it, but now those are over. I’ve admittedly put on a couple pounds and considering the forty pounds I’ve lost in the past few years; while a couple pounds may not seem like a lot, I don’t like them. I refuse to go back up in pant size, so the couple pounds need to go.

Neither of us are ones to stuff ourselves to the point that we’re so bloated that we can’t move or anything like that, but just the kinds of food we’ve been eating is heavier. Like we need to cut back on the fast good again, the ridiculously heavy sauces and things like that.

Devon and I are both off until after the new year because yay educators. So I think I’m going to try some lighter meals and recipes while we are home. I even have an entire Pinterest board on a Lighter Meals.

So, we bought a bunch of fresh vegetables and lighter foods (we did get some snacks that might not be so “light”, hey you can’t break everything at once). And there is going to be some recipe experimenting while we are home. Hopefully, there are some successes and if there are, I will share them here! 🙂

Cheers to a smaller waist line in 2015!

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