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One Year Gluten-Free

So, remember about a year ago when I had to have a camera go into my throat/stomach, just to hear that I have celiac, AKA I can’t ever have my beloved gluten again? I painfully remember that. Partially because the procedure, while not horrific pain, was still pretty uncomfortable to recover from. And partially because …

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Current Obsessions

I got through phases with…pretty much everything.  I will be hopelessly obsessed with something for like…a month and then never look at it again, or at least not look at it again for like a year. Given that I’m fickle (to which I tell Devon he needs to feel lucky I still like him after …

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More water, please

So….I have a confession to make. I kinda fell off the water drinking bandwagon a little while ago. Yes, I know how good it is for you and all the health benefits.  And I have pretty lame excuses for why I did. I mean I could say that it was Spring Break, I didn’t care, …

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