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Roads suck

See what happens when people leave stuff in the middle of the road?


Yeah.  That.

Pretty, right?

Welcome to my morning adventure.

I’m LITERALLY five minutes away from work, still on I-95, so close to exiting when this happened.  There was a semi about 100 feet in front of me, at most, when I see something fly out from under the cab and within a second it flew and hit my car at ridiculous speed.

I’m really happy it didn’t hit the window/break the window.  It did graze it as it flew by, over my car and hitting another car behind me.

It was huge.  It was like the size of a 2×4.  I don’t know if it was a branch/log fell off somewhere or what, I just know it was big and wood colored.

Amazingly enough I managed to keep my composure, not swerve a lot and just came to work.  I feel like had I pulled over from where I was, it would have cause more damage from possibly hitting a car near me.  I assumed that my car was dented, but when I got out and saw that, that’s when the freaking out started.

I texted Devon the picture and he’s apparently still freaking out.  He keeps texting and asking if I’m okay, which I am.  Just annoyed and freaked out.

I’m not sure if there was any damage done inside; I’m assuming it’s driveable for now, but I’m not taking it far.  Just home tonight and to a body shop.  I know I have rental and I know I can have Devon drive me, too, so I’m not that worried about that but this is just ridiculous.

So now I’m just waiting for Progressive to call and tell me what I’m doing with it.  It’s just a headache I didn’t need.  I know it can be fixed and I know I’m okay, which is the most important part.  It’s just annoying. Hopefully this is painless.

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