Relationship Relationships

Partners/Spouses vs. Friends

For those that are married/partnered, is your spouse/partner your best friend? Do you believe spouses/partners should be best friends in addition to partners? I feel like this debate comes up every so often in various circles and friend groups of mine and it’s always a bit of a hot button topic.  There’s never really middle …

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Devon Marriage Relationships

Mrs. Banks, according to USPS

I totally thought this was Devon’s cousin or someone being funny. Apparently we left quite an impression on our furniture salesman when we moved this summer. He actually sent us a Christmas card. He’s just one of the many people who think were already married. We stopped at Sears Monday night because Devon needed a …

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Movies Questions Relationships


For a living, I try to understand and analyze human behavior and cognitions. The way the brain works and how our actions are formed as a result has amazed me my whole life. I admit that there are many things I still don’t understand even after studying this for almost a decade. But one thing …

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