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Tumblr Dress


This dress:

Stupid Tumblr Dress

Were people just that bored with the snow day yesterday?

No one knows how their eyes work?

It’s the same with anything we see; it’s all perception and how your eyes see it.  It’s not miraculously two different colors.

Let me just have the Science Teacher explain because he actually did it without expletives like I am more likely to do:

“People keep posting about this damn dress. Here’s the explanation:

It has to do with washing out the rods and cones in our eyes. If you inundate your eyes with white light, you’re going to see the dress as blue and black, because your eyes will lose photosensitivity, kinda like looking at the negative of a photo.
So basically, if you’re looking at the white background of text on the internet before looking at the dress (like most of us would be), you’re going to see a blue and black dress.

For example, when I first looked at the dress, I had been looking at a black screen on my kindle. My eyes weren’t overstimulated by light, so when the dress came up it was white and gold. I scrolled down to look at comments (and seeing a white background throughout), and scrolled up, incredulous that people were seeing a blue dress. But then, sure enough, it looked blue for a few seconds. But it’s only because the parts of my eyes were washed out by the white they had been staring at.”

It’s not that mystical, guys.

Now, this…..THIS, on the other hand, is pretty damn mystical.  Why aren’t we more concerned about this?

Missing House

How do you lose a house?  What kind of weed are you smoking? Seriously?

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