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So, if you remember back about a month ago, our cable/internet went out for the whole weekend.  Well, I came home on Friday night, again, with takeout in tow (Panera, this time, so healthier) and again…..NOTHING WAS WORKING!

We still had a temp line (which is a long story) and when our lawn was mowed on Friday, they unintentionally cut the line so we were out of service again. :cue throwing things:  I texted Devon who called verizon and very directly told Verizon how they would be handling the situation and when (which was hot, btw….just saying). They finally agreed and the soonest was today that they could send someone out. Fine. Guy was two hours later than he was supposed to be. But it’s finally fixed. Hopefully. Maybe. God willing.

Saturday morning I woke up to news that someone I’ve known a long time suddenly passed away Friday night. We weren’t overly close and we didn’t always get along but she was only 30 years old. She’s been battling a brain AVM for serveral years, had several brain surgeries, was on medications and whatnot. On Friday she had severe head pain and wound up having an aneurysm and passed away as a result of it. It was never easy for her. She had a lot of pain and issues in regards to it. But at the end of the day, she was a daughter and a wife and a mom. And she loved being a mom, so much. She adored her daughter, her daughter meant more to her than anyone. To know that her little 4 year old daughter lost her mommy on Mothers Day Weekend pulls my heart out.  Not to mention my friend was an only child, so her mother lost her only child on Mothers Day Weekend. It’s not fair.  I mourn for her family that she left behind, especially her little girl. This beautiful little girl lost her mommy and that’s not fair and I’m sorry that she won’t have her anymore.  No 4 year old should have to learn what it’s like to lose a parent.

Her death has been tugging at me a bit all weekend. I know we weren’t really close but I’m still sad for her.

But in an effort to not make this whole post sad, I want to point out how much I will miss Jon Stewart when he ends The Daily Show. I don’t know if I can watch Trevor Noah. It just won’t be the same.

I also think everyone should watch the John Oliver clip on standardized testing because it’s so amazing. Yes, it’s long, but worth it. I think you should watch it so much that I’m going to just link it here, under the break, so you don’t even have to search for it. Yes, I’m nice like that. 

Watch it.  Watch it now.

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