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Sunday Rambles

*Chef Devon has pork spareribs in the crock pot.  I can’t tell you how good it smells in this house right now.

I just had to say that.  I want dinner now.

*Summer is making me so lazy.  Going back to school next month is going to be hard.  In exactly one month I will be back at school full time.  I have to stop in a few days over the next month, but that’s only for a few hours at a time.  As of August 17th I’m back all day everyday and the kids are back on August 25th.

*Now is the the when stores tell us summer is over but you walk outside and you still feel like you’re walking into a plastic bag (which, in Baltimore, will remain until the end of September, usually).  School supplies are out everywhere, all patio furniture is being clearanced out and winter coats are on full display while swim suits are all forced onto a lonely rack in the back corner of the store.  I do have a weird affection for both coats and school/office supplies, though, so I’m not that mad to see either of them returning.  It just reminds me that I do need to go through/organize our coat closet, though.  I’m not going to be able to get more if I don’t straighten that.

*I had lunch with a really good friend of mine yesterday.  Tiffani and I met last summer while we were working at camp and she’s one of the funniest people I know.  She almost reminds me of a female version of Devon.  She had a baby, Nathaniel (also Devon’s middle name, oddly enough) in January and he is the cutest, calmest baby ever.  We were at lunch for almost two hours and he either was chilling out in his seat or sitting on Tiff’s lap.  He has the most gorgeous huge brown eyes, he was just adorable.

Tiffani is one of those friends where you never seem to have awkward silence with.  I don’t think there was one second where either of us stopped talking yesterday.  She’s a teacher, too. so it’s also nice that we can vent about school stuff.  I’m realizing as I get more into being an educator, how many of my friends (And Devon’s friends) are all in the same profession that we are.  I don’t think it’s intentional but to look at my closer circle of people, probably 80% of them are teachers or counselors.  It’s nice because we all sort of understand each other’s lives and the stress that comes with it.  It’s nice to be able to unload your day/year on someone who gets it.

*Tomorrow is mine and Devon’s 2 year anniversary.  This past Friday we decided to relive our first date, well…kinda.  On our “first date” (always seems weird to call it that) we went downtown to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Strolled around the harbor, had dinner and went to the Aquarium.  It’s always a day I look back on so fondly.  We honestly had one of those cute, semi-awkward first dates.  We’d been friends for so long and we were both comfortable with our relationship progressing but there was still that oddity of the sudden influx of affection on both of our parts.

So we went back downtown on Friday.  We were originally going by ourselves, but one of Devon’s best friends, Yuri, came to town on Thursday with his girlfriend and her two daughters (they all moved to New York almost a year ago) and they wound up joining us downtown.  Out of Devon’s best friends (there are four of them, and they’ve all been friends since like the third grade), Yuri’s the one I always like the most, so I didn’t mind that his family joined us.  It was a nice day.  I’m still not entirely sure what we’re doing tomorrow.  Apparently Devon has an idea, though.  I’m not sure what that is, but I’ll let him handle that.

*I’m realizing I’m so bad at ending blog posts.  I feel cliche by doing like a “zomg, bye for now!” thing, but….then….if I don’t I just kind of leave things without a closing.  It’s so hard, I don’t understand it.  On that note….toodles! (yeah…I don’t like that.)

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