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Weekend Rambles

I’ve enjoyed being on vacation entirely too much.

Well, maybe too much.

It’s been nice to just hang out for a couple weeks, not have to work, or at least go to work.  I’ve still done a bunch of work-related stuff at home, but it’s nice to be in my pajamas doing it instead of getting up at 5:45 and getting dressed to go somewhere and do it.

I have to go back to camp tomorrow, though.  I only have the next two weeks, though, then I’m done for the summer.  After that, I have another week vacation then I have to start going to school a bit to get ready for next year.

Summer is already like halfway over.  Crazy.

Devon and I are currently binge-watching Breaking Bad.  We’re already about 1/3 of the way through Season 4.  Walter and Jesse are so stupid.  Both in their own individual and unique ways; so stupid.  It’s a good show, though.  Season 2 was really murky and kind of hard to get through, but the rest has been pretty good.  We just started it like two weeks ago, at this rate, we’ll probably be done in about a week.

Next thing we’re going to binge is Dexter.  We also have Mad Men on the docket eventually.  We were gonna do Mad Men first but we’ve both heard a lot of mixed reviews of Dexter, like that it ends horribly.  On the other hand, Mad Men has had nothing but glowing reviews and that it had one of the best series finales ever.  So we’re going to do Dexter first, this way if we’re disappointed we have a better rated show to hopefully make up for it.

We had a date night yesterday and went and saw Terminator Genesys.  MATT SMITH WAS IN IT!!  Yay!!  He had a line where he said, “I am Genesys”.  I’m like, “NO! YOU’RE THE DOCTOR!!”  Luckily I didn’t shout it, but I did say it out loud which caused Devon to laugh.  He looks weird without a bow tie.

On that note, I watched the Doctor Who trailer the other night.  MAISIE WILLIAMS!!  Yay!!  Jenna Coleman (Clara) needs to go, though.  She’s outlived her usefulness, I think, at this point.  If Amy Pond couldn’t make it this long, she shouldn’t be able to either.

Mine and Devon’s 2 year anniversary is next Monday.  I’m taking the day off.  I have no idea what we are doing, though, he claims to know what it is.  I’ll let him handle that.  We didn’t really do much for our anniversary last year because we were in the middle of moving in here.  So I guess that also means we can celebrate living together for a year and neither of us killed the other yet.  YAY!

So many people were all, “you really learn about a person when you move in with them”.  I….didn’t learn that much.  Maybe that he leaves little stray beard shavings in the bathroom sink when he shaves? That he’s more addicted to Amazon than I am? That he’s very particular about the arrangement of his Blu-Ray’s?  Kinda knew all that already.  “You’re going to fight about everything!”  Or not.  Any fights we’ve had haven’t been about living arrangements or where the milk goes in the fridge.  We don’t hate each other, there’s no drama.  It’s just like it’s been for a decade.

I will also point out that my birthday is in a couple weeks.  Its the happiest day of the year.  My birthday is serious business. It’s like a second Christmas.  I’m turning 29, which I’m fine with unlike a lot of my friends.  I don’t fear turning 30, it’s just another number. I haven’t decided what I’m doing for my birthday yet either.  I should probably get on that.

I have things I need to do today but don’t feel like doing them yet  Lounging on the couch seems feasible for now.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and the start to their work weeks!

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