Erin Condren Wedding

Beginning Wedding Planning

#1 is kind of overwhelming.  Maybe it’s just because it’s all kind of new and we’re not doing a ton yet, but yet I feel like I want to plan all the things and they are telling me to plan all of the things.  I did do a very rough draft of our …

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Devon Engagement Holiday

An Extra Thankful Thanksgiving

First of all, Looney Tunes marathon? Amazing.  Best idea ever.  I’m fairly certain that there was no rhyme or reason to the arrrangment of the episodes on the DVD’s which made it even better.  It’s going to be great when we have kids and can show them Looney Tunes instead of…other cartoons that are…kind of …

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Hibernation Holiday

Thanksgiving Break 

Tuesday afternoon at 2:40, I will be deliriously happy.   Why? Thanksgiving break AKA 5 days off!!   I am so excited!  This is the one holiday break that I feel it’s completely acceptable to just cook for days, eat for days, catch up on the DVR, watch some Blu-rays, hang out with friends and …

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Erin Condren Home Organization

Future Home Notebook 

We finally have some fall/wintery weather happening here in Maryland.  Meaning it was 70 degrees around noon yesterday and it was sleeting a bit by 5pm and 35 degrees and is only going to be in the upper 40’s to around 50 all week.   I am RIDICULOUSLY excited.   We know I’m happily introverted …

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Cars Devon Uncategorized

Cars and Colds

On Saturday, Devon had to go out to his Mom’s so he took my SUV instead of his car.  In the entirety of our relationship/friendship, he’s only ever driven a car of mine once because he hates driving other people’s cars and that was when I had my old Jeep Liberty. So he’s never actually …

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New Hairs

Admittedly, I kinda didn’t like my new hair color initially.  It was a bit darker than I was going for, which is why I wasn’t so quick to share it on here and I thought it was too dark for me. It could have partially had to do with the fact that I was looking …

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