Erin Condren Wedding

Beginning Wedding Planning

#1 is kind of overwhelming.  Maybe it’s just because it’s all kind of new and we’re not doing a ton yet, but yet I feel like I want to plan all the things and they are telling me to plan all of the things.  I did do a very rough draft of our wedding website (you’re welcome to search our names on there and see how rough it is).

#2   When Devon came home yesterday, he was telling me about how his department chair  knew about the proposal and she made him tell the whole department (if you know Devon, he’s not going to announce it out to everyone; that’s not him).  He’s like “so I just stood there and was :annoyed sigh: ‘I’m getting married'”.  I laughed and then said “god that was so weird to hear you say that.  I know you’re marrying me, but YOU getting married and saying it…that just sounds weird!”  And he agreed. The term fiancee is still weird to both of us (in fact I referred to myself as girlfriend last night and then was like “I’m sorry; fiancee!”) so to hear the other say “I’m getting married” is just as weird.

#3    We have two other friend/couples that are planning weddings right now, too.  One friend is obviously the couple we’re going to out-marry and the other is one of mine and Devon’s close friends from Frostburg (who is also a bridesmaid in my wedding). Our Frostburg couple isn’t getting married for quite a while, like awhile after Devon and I get married.  I asked her yesterday because I’ve always said I wanted her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding, but I didn’t want to bombard her if she was planning her wedding as well; luckily it’s not an issue and I’ll help her plan hers after mine.  She has been a great calming influence….unlike our other friend.

She means well, I know she does, but she started texting me last night all this stuff I should get and stuff to look at (because she saw my pinning Wedding stuff on Pinterest) and I’m just like “omg, you’re making me anxious”.  I appreciate so much how much she wants to help and give advice and everything but slower.  We literally have over a year and a half to plan, we’ll get it all done.

I do really appreciate being engaged with friends, though.  It’s something we all get to bond through and go through together.  I have a few close friends who are already married and I’m like “you guys are going to have to keep me sane and make sure I don’t do crazy things”, which they will because they remember when they felt this crazy.  But it’s nice to have co-pilots during the crazy.

And I did…..I did order an Erin Condren Wedding Planner.  We know my Erin Condren love so I had to.  Plus, I feel like with all the electronic stuff, I actually need something physically in front of me that I can hold information in to keep me all together.  I’m also looking at The Knot’s Wedding Planner which my friend from last night HIGHLY suggested.  I just feel like once I have tangible planners in front of me I can actually start figuring things out and setting up things.  Like I know the first things I need/want to do is to get my ring insured (didn’t even think of that until I was on Pinterest last night), figure out engagement photos and have Devon and I get our passports (as the honeymoon will likely be abroad).  Having my planner will get me more organized to get things done.

Until then….I’m slightly crazed.  But it’s a good crazed.  This is the thing I’ve been wanting to plan for a long time.  Also my entire school knows, the kids included, and everyone is so excited for us and hugging me and looking at my hand and all of that, so it’s helping the crazy some.  We are very grateful for all the love we’ve gotten from our friends and families.  Now to actually start planning….

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