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Double Time

This is not going to be primarily a wedding planning/engagement blog from now on, I promise.  It’s just kind of the forefront of life right now.

And on that note; now one of Devon’s best friends decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend on Wednesday as they were getting on a plane to Disney World, so now they’re engaged, too.


So now we have four couples currently planning weddings.  We just need to start having wedding planning parties or something.  And like half of us are in each other’s weddings, so it’s just going to be a couple of years filled with weddings whether our own or our bridesmaids/groomsmen/etc.

And of course we’re also left with that one couple/friends, where one part of the couple is dying to get married but the other half isn’t quite ready for that yet.  Now, out of the four best friends/boys, we have the one about to have a baby and now two who are engaged.

To listen to their parents is hilarious.   To half of their parents; their sons were the goofballs who were just so into video games and not so much into girls and they would have not seen half of the boys getting married to anyone or having kids (because two of them were all “I’m never having kids”) and now they all have some weddings and grandchildren to get ready for all at the same time.

And I guess our next couple of years will be spent either planning our wedding or attending others.  I have an intern here who is getting married in April and she invited us to her wedding, too.  So…we’re going to be sooooo over weddings by the time all of this is over, I get the feeling.

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