Saturday Shorts

New Years Shorts

*Happy New Years Eve, everyone! *Because Devon is Devon, he managed to get sick on Christmas Eve again….but thankfully this time it was just a cold.  Not so thankfully, this time he gave it to me as a “lovely” present after Christmas, which is why I’ve been pretty quiet the past few days.  It’s annoying …

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About Me Wedding

Merry Christmas + 6 months until our Wedding!

Yes, I know technically it was officially 6 months until our wedding two days ago, which was Christmas Eve, so…..whatever. I officially had my first mini panic attack at planning this wedding when I realized we now only have 6 months left. I mean, look at our countdown…it started out at like 500+ days, now …

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Fabfitfun unboxing

FabFitFun Winter 2017 Unboxing!

Look at me actually getting this FabFitFun unboxing up on the blog in a timely manner.  Being on vacation has a way of getting you back on track in a lot of areas of life; it’s nice. Not to mention, I got so excited when the winter FabFitFun box showed up on my doorstep yesterday …

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Personal Relationship

My Protector

This was not the original post I had planned for today, but it’s still sitting heavily on me this morning, so I needed to write about it here.  Last night, after dinner, Devon and I were watching one the Chopped episodes we had waiting for us on our DVR.  About 5 minutes in, I looked …

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Saturday Shorts


*I am alive and relatively unscathed from my endoscopy on Thursday.  Just a little bit of residual burning sensations from the biopsies they took, but nothing serious.  I’ll talk more about it when all the results come back, but for now my doctor didn’t see anything bad or seriously wrong; just some mild gastritis, which …

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TV Uncategorized

My Top 5 TV Guilty Pleasures

Being the happy little introverts Devon and I are, TV is a big source of entertainment for us when we’re home.  Sometimes we’re actively watching, sometimes it’s just there as background noise while we’re doing other things; but odds are if we’re home, the TV is on. Since it’s such a big part of our …

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Erin Condren Cover
Erin Condren planner

New 2018 Erin Condren Planner!

To read my blog at all is to know that I’m pretty obsessed with my planner. It’s (almost) kind of bad. I have two that I use regularly; one for work and one for personal stuff.  My work one usually has student names and confidential information in it, so putting my personal information in there …

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