Fabfitfun unboxing

FabFitFun Winter 2017 Unboxing!

Look at me actually getting this FabFitFun unboxing up on the blog in a timely manner.  Being on vacation has a way of getting you back on track in a lot of areas of life; it’s nice.

Not to mention, I got so excited when the winter FabFitFun box showed up on my doorstep yesterday that I had to sit down and do a blog post about it ASAP.  I literally feel like this box was made specifically for me because everything fits some need I have right now, so I’m really excited.

It is completely amazing.  Opening this box is always so much fun.  


If you’ve never gotten one of these before; FabFitFun boxes are seasonal subscription boxes (so you get one box per season) that contain, usually, at least $250 worth of beauty products, wellness products, apparel, accessories, makeup, etc.  All brands represented in these boxes are companies started and run by women, which is awesome.  Plus, every box highlights a charity that you should know about.  This season’s charity is the American Heart Association.  As much as no one wants to think about heart disease, it is the number one killer in women and kills about one woman every 80 seconds, according to the American Heart Association.  That’s scary, so the more you know and the more you’re aware the better you can be at helping prevent heart disease in your life.

So, if I haven’t freaked you out yet, let’s get to this season’s box.

I mentioned above that each box is guaranteed to have a retail value of at least $250; well my box for this season has a retail value of $386.

Seriously.  Look at all of this:

Fabfitfun winter box

For me, the initial opening of the box is one of the most exciting parts; I almost never know where to start first.

Plus, it’s just pretty.

Fabfitfun unboxing


Because I’m me, of course I’m going to go for the thing that looks like a scarf first.  It’s actually a poncho.  It may sound surprising, since I am such a scarf girl but I’ve never actually worn a poncho.  This poncho is by BB Dakota and I have the gray color (different boxes got different colors) and I am more than happy to have the gray one.  It’s beautiful, I’m just not sure I know how to wear it, so I’m going to have to figure it out because I really like it.  It’s a really cozy knit that will be great for the cold weather we’re finally getting.

Fabfitfun bb dakota poncho

Fabfitfun bb dakota poncho

I cannot have enough hand lotion this winter.  I don’t know why but my hands are super dry this winter and I’m not a fan because I like when my hands are really soft.  This AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream is probably going to live in my living room with me, so I can put it on whenever I’m lounging on the couch.  This tube is huge and is apparently a special size for the FabFitFun box subscribers, so I don’t think they actually make them this big that you can purchase anywhere.  It had Dead Sea minerals, witch hazel, and allantoin and it feels and smells so good.  It’s definitely going to get used a lot this season.

Fabfitfun ahava hand cream

I love fuzzy socks when its cold.  I don’t really do slippers; they just kind of annoy me, but I live in fuzzy socks in the winter, so I am always happy to get a new pair.  These Pointe Studio socks are not only cozy, but they are infused with Aloe, so they also smell great and will make your feet feel so soft.  I’m currently wearing them while I’m writing this because I couldn’t resist trying them out.  My feet are incredibly happy right now.

Fabfitfun pointe studio socks

I admit, I’m not the biggest eyeshadow wearer, mostly because I’m not sure I know how to apply it well.  But, when I do wear it, I keep it pretty neutral and this palette from DOUCCE is beautiful.  I got the Nude palette (there was a smoky option, so I’m definitely happy with the nude) and the colors are beautiful.  There are some with shimmer; I’m not big on shimmer but it’s pretty tame so it may be fine, and there is a large highlighter in there which is also beautiful.  One of the fun things about this is that each color pops out of the palette; they’re magnetic, so you can transfer colors into a smaller holder if you just want to take a couple colors traveling with you or something like that.  I’m very excited to try this (especially since I already dipped my finger in to test out colors).

fabfitfun doucce eyeshadow

fabfitfun doucce eyeshadow

fabfitfun doucce eyeshadow

I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love my hot chocolate in the winter and this oversized mug by Ayesha Curry (I love her!) is so cute!  Besides “Coming in Hot” just seems so appropriate for Hot Chocolate, am I right?

Fabfitfun ayesha curry mug

I have heard about this product for so long from bloggers and Youtubers and just everywhere, but it’s kind of pricey, so I’ve never bit the bullet and bought it.  So, to get it here, I literally started jumping up and down.  This is the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment by Kate Somerville.  I do use my Dr. Brandt exfoliator that I got in my Spring box and I love it (actually used it yesterday morning), but I’ve always been curious about this one. This exfoliator is supposed to not only be great at brightening but also reducing fine lines and wrinkles; while I haven’t seen any on my face yet, I’m trying to be preventative, so I can not wait to give this one a try.

Fabfitfun kate somerville exfolikate

To know me, is to know that I complain about the hereditary puffiness under my eyes.  I’ve always believed that I have crappy vision just so I could wear glasses to cover it all up.  So these Grace & Stella Energizing Eye Masks have me very curious.  They are supposed to minimize dark circles, puffiness, lines, etc.  The little pads that you place under your eyes have collagen and minerals in them to help revitalize and energize the areas under your eye to help it appear more awake and youthful.  I definitely look forward to this experiment.

Fabfitfun grace stella eye masks

Almost every box has a piece of jewelry and I love the delicate nature of this necklace from 8 Other Reasons in this season’s box.  I’m not super flashy with jewelry, so I like that this choker is simple and pretty and has a little extra flair with the lariat at the bottom. And it’s silver, not gold, so I won’t itch from it.  Always a plus!

Fabfitfun necklace choker

Finally, one of the things I am also really excited about is this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works.  I’m not an insomniac, I don’t think, but I do sometimes have a lot of problems falling asleep.  I typically use lavender essential oil on my temples when I can’t fall asleep, which helps a lot to calm my mind down.   This spray has the lavender as well as chamomile and vetivert.  You spray this over your pillow before you go to bed and it’s supposed to help calm your mind and body to help you sleep peacefully all night.  This is definitely going beside my bed.

Fabfitfun this works deep sleep spray

I cannot wait to try out everything (well except for the socks because I’ve already got those on); I have an actual need for every product in here which is very exciting.

If you are interested in trying out this box for yourself head on over here to set up your subscription.  Using this link will also get you $10 off your first box and remember each box is always guaranteed to be worth at least $250, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!


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