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Merry Christmas + 6 months until our Wedding!

Yes, I know technically it was officially 6 months until our wedding two days ago, which was Christmas Eve, so…..whatever.

I officially had my first mini panic attack at planning this wedding when I realized we now only have 6 months left.

I mean, look at our countdown…it started out at like 500+ days, now we’re at 180.




I am still immensely happy that we have so many of the big things done and handled, but I’m realizing there is still so much to do.

We still need to get flowers done, finish booking honeymoon stuff, and so many little details that we just haven’t even dealt with yet.

We are going to look at wedding rings this week.  Devon is not a ring/jewelry guy, so he’s going for just a simple silver band; it’s me that’s more particular – obviously.  Hopefully we can get that part done and out of the way so we can get to all the other little things.

Lisa, Devon’s Mom, decided to give us our wedding gift for Christmas.  She gave us a check, a large check which blew us both away as well as the reservations she made for our rehearsal dinner which she is determined to handle for us (which is fine because we keep forgetting about it).  It was so incredibly generous of her to do all of that.  We’ve said a bunch of times that we’re fine handling the planning and costs and whatnot of the wedding, but I know she still really wants to help and we are very appreciative of her for it.

Outside of a couple of things that Devon and I got each other, we didn’t really do much as far as gifts this year because we’re focusing on the wedding.  We even told our families to just hold off for the wedding when it came to gifting this holiday (most of them listened). Devon and I were “super romantic” in our gifts, too.  I got him a new fleece jacket that he wanted and a new Yeti and he got me a gift card to Ulta and a mini Pet Hair vacuum (because we have a cat and she’s not hairless, so she sheds).  But, hey, it was things we both needed so we’re pretty happy.

Plus, we did finally get a new ornament for this year! I know it took me forever to choose a new one but I finally found one that isn’t quite as generic as two penguins or something like that.


Okay, so its two foxes, but Devon is obsessed with foxes, so it made sense.

And in, what is becoming, typical Devon fashion, he’s a bit sick for the holiday. Thankfully, it’s not a stomach virus like last Christmas, it’s just a bit of a cold, but still, we’re gonna need to do some work to his immune system for next Christmas.  I’m not about making this a habit.

Overall, it was a bit of a quiet day; a little quieter than it was originally supposed to be, which was welcomed.

Now we have another week off before heading back to work.  There is some serious talk of a blizzard hitting around New Years, which I’m kind of crossing my fingers for.  It’s been a nice long break and I’m not against extending it a little bit if Mother Nature intervenes.

I hope everyone else had a great and relaxing Christmas!

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