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New Years Shorts

*Happy New Years Eve, everyone!

*Because Devon is Devon, he managed to get sick on Christmas Eve again….but thankfully this time it was just a cold.  Not so thankfully, this time he gave it to me as a “lovely” present after Christmas, which is why I’ve been pretty quiet the past few days.  It’s annoying because I don’t really feel sick, I’m just super grossly congested.  I think I’m finally hitting the backend though because it’s turning into a cough.  Typically when the coughing starts, for me, it’s breaking up and going away.  One can hope.

*It’s finally time to head back to work on Tuesday.  Luckily, for me it’s a Professional Development day, so we still have another day before the kids come back, which is a nice gradual return after being out for two weeks.  It’s going to be exceptionally long until Spring Break though, which is the next long time off.  This is always the time of the year that is hard for educators.  It’s cold and gross outside and there’s no real time away, so everything just seems to go at warp speed and doesn’t calm down.

*If you missed it on Instagram yesterday, Devon and I went shopping for wedding rings.  He found his at the first jewelry store we went to.  Devon’s not a ring/jewelry guy, at all, so it was really important for him to find something he’d actually be willing to wear regularly.  He found a black Tungsten ring that he actually really liked (as in he saw and I was like “I want that”, tried it on and was like “I very much want that”) so we scooped that up super fast and it’ll likely be here before mine is even…ordered…..:sigh:  I’m allergic to gold, which is apparently baffling to a lot of jewelry store employees and would prefer to have my wedding band be in sterling silver like my engagement ring is, not to mention I want a ring that will go well with my engagement ring setting.  All of this is apparently hard.  One store flat out told me I should wear gold anyway because it’s a “better metal”; I’m sorry I like my fingers their normal size and not itchy, thanks.  Luckily, one store was more than willing to see what they could do to get a setting I loved in sterling (and even came up with options that I liked if the one ring couldn’t be made in silver), so we’ll see how that works later this week; if not, my ring will have to be custom-made because I’m not wearing something that will hurt me.

*If you did miss my IG post yesterday, this is Devon’s wedding band:

triton mens wedding band zales

*I took all our Christmas stuff down this morning.  I usually wait until after New Years, but we also usually have an extra day of vacation after New Years.  This day we all go back 1/2 and I didn’t want to spend my last day (tomorrow) home rearranging my house and taking everything down, so I did it this morning.,  It always amazes me how much bigger our space looks when it’s all down.

*We don’t really go all out for NYE; it’s just not how two introverts roll.  Every year we usually just kick back with some sparkling champagne and watch our favorite Doctor Who episode (it’s David Tennant’s regeneration into Matt Smith).  It makes me cry every time and Devon has timed it down to the second so that his regeneration happens at exactly midnight; so it’s kind of like our own ball drop.  (Side note: I heard Mariah Carey is doing the NYE special again this year….I feel like that’s a bad idea, I’m sure the internet will confirm or deny that tomorrow.)

For those that are going out, please be safe and I hope everyone has a great New Year!

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