Avengers Movies

Civil War Rivalry

It is getting so hardcore in this house right now.  I can’t even.

Devon being Devon, on Friday, is all “we should just binge some Avengers movies this weekend to prepare for Civil War.”

My response, “as long as Iron Man has equal screen time as Captain America.”

“Shit. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

Dude thought he was just gonna show Captain America movies this weekend.  Yeah.  He thought….

Then he tried to get cute.  He put on Iron Man and tried to go to sleep.  Nuh-uh, buddy. That’s not how this house works.

He booed and hissed at all things Iron Man, I scoffed at Captain America.

I mean Tony Stark single-handedly guided a nuclear weapon out of our atmosphere and destroyed Loki’s forces.  Where was Captain Magnificent?  Standing there watching it all happen, with his shield in his hand….doing…nothing….

:mic drop:

Iron Man forever.



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