Shopping Adventures

My school is closed on Friday for Prom.  Prom is a big deal to my school, so we close for the day, let the girls sleep in (since they’re out late), let them have their hair and makeup and all done during the day, give the adults the chance to set up the auditorium in peace and all of that.  I mean it’s really not a bad idea to close for prom; it kinda makes life easier.

Now, me? I have nothing to do with prom.  I don’t set it up, plan it, chaperone it, etc.  So, for me, Friday is just a day off; a three day weekend, a YAY OFF! day.

While I could sleep in, chill out, binge watch some series all day and nosh; I’m not gonna. Instead I’m going to go on a little adventure.

To Ikea and The Container Store!

Yeah.  I’m that girl.  The one who is super excited by Ikea and The Container Store.

But, I mean….like…it’s a big deal.

Neither of these stores are near my house.  They aren’t like an hour away or anything, but neither are close enough that I’ll go whenever I want to.

The Container Store is in Rockville, which is about 30 minutes from me and I’ve actually never been there.  I nerd out over most things officey and organizational-like, so I’m sure I’ll be there awhile.

Then the Ikea I like is in College Park, which is about 30 minutes from Rockville and 30 minutes in another direction from me, too.  (Don’t ask, it’s like a weird triangle.)  Anyone who has been to Ikea knows that it’s like a vortex; super easy to get into, but will take you forever to get out of.  This Ikea is like 300,000 square feet (only slight exaggeration) and like 4 floors of amazing and aimless wandering.

It’s going to be absolutely amazing! I’m so excited!  I can’t wait for it to be Friday!!!!

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