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Recent Amazon Favorites

I order probably almost everything on Amazon at this point and it’s been awhile since I’ve shared some of my recent favorites, so I thought I’d highlight a few here today.

I will say, though, looking through my recent orders, I noticed that a lot of my recent purchases are house and personal care related. It kind of tracks, though, because that’s a lot of what I seem to be buying anywhere. Anyone else go through phases where you buy a lot more of one category/type of thing than others? Like I haven’t really bought clothes in a while (but that will be coming with the school year starting soon) but I have been buying stuff for the house like it’s my job.

I mean, I’m not mad about it, I’m just saying…

Amazon Favorites

Cat Water Fountain w/ Silicone Mat: Okay….I get it, this has a specific audience, and it likely isn’t everyone here, but if you do have a cat (or a small dog) and you’re concerned about how much water they drink, a fountain might be your best investment. Krieger had a UTI a couple months ago, and while he drinks water, he very clearly prefers water that is moving. He likes to drink from the faucet or splash still water around as he drinks it (which just makes the biggest mess), so this has water that moves and he drinks so much easier. He does play in it quite a bit, too, but the mat helps alleviate mess, as well.

Clorox Toilet Wand Disinfecting Refills 30-count: I got the Clorox toilet wand on Amazon about a year ago and it was a total game changer for me(yeah I know, tell me your over 30 without actually telling me you’re over 30). Those toilet bowl brushes that you normally use just get so gross and I hate them so I have one of these wands in all 4 of our bathrooms. I like that I can throw these away once I’m done and not have to worry about any bacteria hanging around. Getting this bulk size of refills on Amazon is the cheapest I’ve found, and since we do have 4 bathrooms, we will easily use them all.

Kibo ChickPea Chips 24-count Variety Pack: This was one of those purchases where I was just absentmindedly scrolling Amazon one night and saw them and also kind of absentmindedly wound up ordering them. #Amazonamnesia y’all know what I mean. But, they’re really good. I LOVE the pico de Gallo flavor, it’s a little spicy, which I enjoy. These are gluten-free for my fellow celiac people and are my go-to afternoon/after work snack. They also currently have a coupon on Amazon for $3 off, so the 24 pack is $16.99, which is a really good deal for these.

Kenra Perfect Medium #13 Hair Spray: I know some people have very strong opinions about buying beauty products anywhere other than somewhere like Ulta or Sephora…but I’m not one of those people (if you are, feel free to skip the beauty items here). Amazon almost always has products cheaper than most stores and sometimes…I just don’t feel like leaving my house. This is my favorite hairspray because it holds my curls but isn’t heavy so it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down. I also love the Kenra Volume #25 spray, but it can weigh my hair down, so I only use it when I’m wearing my hair up.

Wexrite Safety Razor Blade Scraper: Random, but unless you clean your stove top, thoroughly, after each time you use it, you’re gonna have baked on things when you finally go to clean it. This gets everything off my stove top without me having to scrub it incessantly to get it clean. It does also come with multiple blades so you can change them out once they get gross. It also has a retractable safety guard, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt on it.

Insulated Lunch Bag w/ Adjustable Shoulder Strap: Going back into the building/work meant I had to start making lunch to-go again and we weren’t going to have the use of our faculty room, so I needed a bag that could keep my food cold for several hours before I would be able to eat it. I actually purchased this one because it said that the bag itself was freezable (I had one where the insulating cracked after it being in the freezer), so I put it in the freezer every night, I stick an ice block in it in the morning and everything is as cold as if I just pulled it out of the refrigerator at lunch time. It’s nice and roomy and I like that it has a shoulder strap, so I can keep my hands free as I’m walking into work. There are a ton of patterns and colors, but I really like this floral one; Devon thought it was “too busy” but psssh, he’s not using it. #dontcare

Essential Pantry Cookbook by Jen Chapin: I found Jen on YouTube a couple years ago and I really just enjoy her channel. She posts kind of “ordinary life” stuff, a lot of recipes and just sometimes rants about how life sucks sometimes, and I don’t know….I feel like I can really relate sometimes. She doesn’t try to be one of the perfect “full face of makeup while cleaning the bathroom” kind of YouTubers and, I really appreciate that. She came out with this cookbook this past spring, so I grabbed it and I love cooking out of it. It’s a great cookbook for a beginner, especially, because it tells you how to stock a pantry so you can cook almost anything easily and gives really basic staple recipes with some ideas to mix it up a bit too. If you’re looking to learn how to cook or know someone who may be moving off to college in the fall or starting their first job – this is a great gift for them!

Essie Gel Couture #320 “Find Me a Man-nequin”: I’ve pretty much exclusively used Essie Gel Couture since I took my acrylic nails off….over a year ago, now. I love this polish line. It lasts me a good 2 weeks (sometimes 3) before needing to be re-done, which is astounding for an at-home manicure. It is a gel polish, but doesn’t require a UV-light, just a swipe of the designated top coat to keep your polish protected. This blue shade I found a month or so ago is really pretty. It’s kind of like a denim/medium blue and works all year round. I’ve worn it a couple times now and I always get compliments on the color each time I wear it.

Nordic Ware 2 Burner Griddle: We purchased this griddle a couple of months ago when our old one just needed to be retired. We’re big “brunch” people so we enjoy taking a slow morning to make waffles or pancakes and a big plate of bacon. We also enjoy doing that for random dinners here or there, too. So, this is great for bacon – we can fit an entire package of bacon on here at once (we love bacon, okay?) and it all cooks really evenly. Pancakes also come out gorgeous on here. It’s nice and sturdy and cleans easily. I will say, though, I’ve only every hand washed it, so I’m not sure how it would do in the dishwasher (I don’t think it would do well, though).

Deer Stag Men’s Slippers: Obviously, this is a Devon purchase. But he’s bought these same slippers over and over again for years. In fact, when I looked at the order, it actually said at the top that he’s bought some variety of these 4 times prior to the order I was look at. He loves them. He is the person who wears slippers every single day; they’re basically his house shoes. He doesn’t walk to the bathroom without putting them on first. They do last quite a while. He just purchased a new pair a couple weeks ago, but his old pair was purchased probably about 2 years prior (so it was time for them to go). They wash well, also. Devon got his normal shoe size in these, which is a 12.

TP-Link Powerline Wi-Fi Extender: Admittedly, this was also a Devon purchase, but a really helpful one for our house. We have an older router (and really just need to get a new one) and it struggles a bit to get a good signal to our basement. Devon got this back in April and hooked it up in the basement and we’ve definitely seen an increase in our download and streaming speeds down there. I know we’re going to need upgrade our router eventually, but this is a great asset until that happens.

Dorco Set of 3 Tinkle Face Razors: Yup….I give into trends sometimes. But, I gotta be honest, there is a noticeable difference (to me) in how evenly my makeup applies after I shave the peach fuzz of my face. I only do it…maybe one a week or every 2 weeks, just depends on when I remember or when I feel like it needs it. I typically do it at night as part of my nighttime skin routine when I feel like I need it. Nothing grows back thicker or more noticeable. This comes in a 3 pack and is usually around $3, which is absurdly cheap considering I’ve seen a similar 3-pack in Target for $8.

I said this was going to be random, didn’t I? But who’s Amazon recent orders list isn’t typically just a list of the most random things you could ever purchase? That’s kind of what Amazon is for – if you want to buy all of the same type of thing you’d actually get up and go to a store.

What have you purchased from Amazon lately? Anything fun?

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