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Recent Amazon Favorites

Given the heaviness of my recent life update post, I thought I would lighten the place up by talking about one of my favorite places to shop:


Amazon gives me life sometimes. It’s just so helpful to have a place that almost always delivers what I want within 48 hours — typically less as of late.

I actually looked at the amount of orders Devon and I have made on Amazon in the past six months….and I’m slightly embarrassed….but also…not.

Because it’s not like we’re buying useless or random crap; it’s stuff that we actually need/use and things that are awesome.

Side Note: I will say, though, I was kind of disappointed with Prime Days this year. I feel like they mostly focused on off-brands or their in-house brands. Which, on the one hand, I get, but at the same time, like…you could easily tell what brand name a lot of things were supposed to be. Because it was so very clearly the “original” “brand name” item with a random “brand” attached to it.

So, that was kind of off-putting to me. But, again…I fully realize that might just be a me thing.

I’ve also found a couple cute things for Christmas (yes, I’m thinking to Christmas already, don’t come for me!) including a really cute ornament that sums up all of 2020.


  1. Reading Pillow/Husband with Neck Roll: If you saw another Amazon favorites post recently, you will see Devon bought one of these recently, but I found that I liked his so much that I bought one for me!
  2. 2020 Christmas Ornament: I mean…have you seen a more appropriate ornament for this year?
  3. CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream: This is just my favorite quick makeup BB cream. I apply it on days when I want to look presentable, but don’t really feel like wearing makeup. I wear shade 520 Light.
  4. Limural Cordless Professional Clippers: Devon got these a few weeks ago because his set that he’s had for several years finally died on him. His old set was also corded, so he appreciates the cordless feature of these. He also likes the LED battery screen on the front so he knows how long he has before it needs to be charged again.
  5. Samsung TU-8000 Series Flat Screen TV: I know everyone and their mother is on the Frame TV thing, but Devon and I just wanted a simple, larger TV for our basement and this fit the bill. This is a bit of a cop-out since we wound up purchasing this at another store during a big sale last week, but we did research it here and it has amazing reviews and we are very pleased so far! (We have the 55″.)
  6. Mercurio Blue Double Globe Table Lamps (Set of 2): I got these for our living room (see above) and they are beautiful! They are perfect side table lamps and I love the soft blue color. I also was weirdly excited when they came with light bulbs (#adulting).
  7. Red Buffalo Check “JOY” sign: I feel like this is really cute for Christmas. You could hang it on your door or hang it up in the living room or dining room. It’s just a cute and festive touch for the holidays.
  8. Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover: I admit, I saw these all over IG and thought they were lame…until I got one…and it’s amazing. It’s great for sweaters and furniture. It’s also amazing if you have a cat who likes to claw the couch/furniture and you want to clean up the disasters that little kittens like to leave behind :clears throat:
  9. Christmas Wreath: Yup…already thinking about Christmas decorations…don’t @ me. Now that I have a wreath hanger on my front door, I feel like front door wreaths are a new and amazing thing for me.
  10. Jovial GF Shells: I HAVEN’T EATEN SHELLS IN A LONG TIME OKAY?!?! Shells aren’t a common shape in GF pasta, so when I saw this on Amazon I had to buy like 6 boxes….stop judging me.
  11. Cord Management Cord Hider: I dislike all the cords for our mounted TV’s showing and lamp cords and whatnot, so I got these to hide them. (Plus…again….teething kitten…he likes to chew everything and I’d like him to not electrocute himself). Plus you can paint them to seamlessly blend into the wall, which is my weekend project for myself for this coming weekend.

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