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Erin Condren Accessories + Back to School Haul

Remember how when I got my new Erin Condren Hourly Planner for the school year, I mentioned I tried out some of the new accessories, too?

Well, I’ve also received a second order of accessories since then since they added to their school accessories section.  With a new school, one must have cute new accessories to decorate my new desk with, am I right?

I’m finally going to show off all the goods that I’ve gotten from Erin Condren recently, and I’ve gotta tell you….I’m really excited about these new goodies!


Originally, I wasn’t going to get the desk calendar since I still have one from last year (I usually find really cute ones at Target in their dollar spot) but…..I caved.  And I’m really okay with myself for it.


The paper, like with the new planners, is amazing!  It’s super thick and smooth.  Plus it has foiling details on all of the text at the top and each month is a different color and foiling, as you can see from April:


There is also a sheet of….wait for it….mmhmm…stickers at the back of the pad.  I’m not one to typical use stickers on a desk pad because it typically serves as my at-a-glance calendar while I’m making appointments or planning out activities at work.  But, since they come with the calendar…and their cute, I’ll probably use them to highlight big things that I definitely need to remember……I mean look at how cute….(not to mention there are a ton of them)


Even the back of the deskpad is cute….


Okay, so I didn’t just get the deskpad, even though I’m super excited that I did.

I also grabbed a couple of the EC washi rolls in the floral ink pattern and the mid-century circles pattern (the same pattern as the back of the deskpad).  I use washi in my planner to decorate and block off a chunk of time when needed,  This washi is super thick, which I did not expect (and like) and sticks really well to the EC paper.


I also grabbed this mini set of sticky notes.  Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with them, but they are adorable.  I might stick them in my notebook that I use for meeting notes throughout the school year, just to highlight things or for reminders.  It has a small tacky strip on the back of the pad so you can stick it to whatever you want for easy storage.


I love notepads in all forms, so I had to try out this sticky notepad.  It’s super long, which is great when you’re super busy.  It also fits perfectly in one of the days of my hourly planner, so I can use it to make lists of things I need to get done for work over the weekend.


I also grabbed a snap-in teacher to do list dashboard.  It’s ideally designed for people who have purchased the large teacher lesson planner, however, it can work as a nice bookmark and dashboard for the smaller life planners. As you can see, I fit it into my hourly and it does overhang a little at the top and the bottom, but it will work well as a bookmark for me in that regard.  Wet-erase markers (think the markers we used on overhead projectors when we were in school work the best on these dashboards because they don’t rub off on the paper when you close the book and come off easily with a damp cloth so you can use it over and over again.


It also has a cute grid side on the back.  I’m not sure what I’ll use this side for, but I like it.


I also grabbed a couple more of the snap-in stylized sticky notes.  I grabbed one for my personal planner and one for my work planner.  Can you guess which set of notes is for which planner?



So, in case you couldn’t guess, the top one is for work and the bottom is for my personal planner.  I love having these to plan out events that are being planned in advance or for things that are tentative.  I go through a lot of these; they are extremely handy.

I do like to add a bit of decoration to my planners, particularly my personal one so these sticker sheets were a no-brainer.  Plus, they’re only $3 a sheet, so extremely affordable to add a little pizazz to your plans.


As I mentioned, I enjoy using stickers in my planners (yes I know I’m turning 31 next week, it’s okay), so of course I was picking up the new designer sticker book that they recently released.  This book is full of gorgeous stickers.  Some are very functional, some are just cute and decorative.  They have gold-foiled, silver-foiled, and rose gold-foiled stickers throughout which are so pretty and shiny.  Check out a couple pages in the book:





These pocket folders were just too cute, I couldn’t resist.  Not entirely sure what I’m using them for yet in my office, but I’m sure they will have a suitable purpose soon enough.  I mean, you can never have enough folders.  And the scalloped edge on the inside pocket? These were an awesome decision on my part.



Last but not least, I grabbed a 3-ring binder.  Every year I keep a “master binder” in my office at school.  It holds schedules, protocols, master forms, my contracts, important contacts, etc that I would need to reach for from time to time.  This is going to be my master binder for this year (and likely every year until it breaks).  It’s about a 1.5inch binder, which is perfect for me.  It does not have pockets on the inside but I always have my papers in sheet protectors in my master binder anyway, so that doesn’t bother me. It is a really good quality, sturdy binder and I could easily see it lasting me for a few years.


And yeah, I’m a little obsessed with the mid-century circles.


Whew, that was a lot.

I am pretty set to start the school year off with my new Erin Condren office supplies, though.  I mean, until I ultimately order my 2018 planner in December and probably order a few more things along with that planner.

Yes, I have a problem.  I know this.  I accept it.  I’m not changing it.  We all have our things.  One of my things is office supplies/Erin Condren stuff.  It’s okay.

If you feel the need to start an Erin Condren habit, or you just want to casually check out a few things, head over to Erin Condren site using this link and you’ll be able to score $10 off your first purchase (which means you could easily score a few of the accessories I mentioned here for free!).

Let me know if you grab any new supplies for your home/office/classroom/etc.  I never get tired of looking at cute office supplies!

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