Saturday Shorts


*We spent most of yesterday at Devon’s Mom’s house for an early birthday celebration for me.  It became tradition that she made her kids her famous paella for their birthdays and the past couple of years, she’s made it for mine too, which is very sweet of her.  It is also unbelievably delicious.  Between that, biscuits and a delicious 7-Up cake that she makes it made for an amazing birthday dinner.

*Devon also had a tux fitting for one of his best friend’s who is getting married on Thanksgiving weekend yesterday while we were out with his mom.  This friend is also one of Devon’s groomsmen.  It is going to be extremely weird seeing him in a tux.  He’s always told me I’ll only see him in a suit once, which would be our wedding day; now I get to see him in one twice; this should be fun…for me.  Now, I just need to figure out what I’m wearing to this wedding.  So much pressure.

*I now have two weeks remaining of summer before I have to go back to work.  Part of me is obviously really excited then there is another part that is going “OMG SUMMER IS OVER!”  Frankly, once my birthday hits, for me, summer can be over; I’m good.  But now I’m also seeing all of the things that I wanted to do that hasn’t been done yet, so I have a pretty long to-do list that I’m trying to see if I can get at least half-way done before I go back.

*One of the things is I desperately need to clean out my closets.  I actually made a donation pick-up appointment with the Salvation Army to give me motivation to get everything cleared out.  They will be here on August 7th, so it gives me about a week to purge everything I’m wanting to get rid of.

*OH and last but not least, I made a wedding dress try-on appointment for next Saturday!!  I doubt I’m going to buy anything, but I really just need to see how dresses look on me.  I haven’t put on a dress in years, since I hate them, and while I can look in a magazine, it doesn’t mean I know what these dress shapes will look like on my body. Hopefully, I can find at least a couple silhouettes that I like to pursue further.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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