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I think I’ve determined that the only way I’m going to get fall this year is to will it into existence. Granted, we’ve hit that time of the year where it’s pretty chilly in the mornings but by the afternoon it’s like 85…and…it’s not okay. I want it chilly all day. I survived a hot summer (and even moved during it) I deserve for it to be chilly now. /rant.

So, since I want fall…I’m gonna talk about fall…and wear fall clothes…even if that means I have the AC in my car on the way home from work daily…it’s fine.

I decided that I wanted to do a round up of my favorite fall handbags because….handbags are just amazing and you can look at them and not feel like you’re going to die of heat stroke just by looking at them (if you’re in an area that’s still hot like the mid-atlantic).

If you know me at all, you know I kind of enjoy handbags.

And when I say kind of…I mean….a lot.

Like…A LOT a lot.

I will say, though, I don’t typically buy a ton of them (that’s my mother) because as much as I love looking at them and playing with them, I don’t change purses that often. I pretty much always change my bag when the seasons change and I may change from a big bag to a small one for a day depending on what I’m doing. But for the most part, I stick to the same bag for awhile.

Because I don’t change my bags often, I tend to stick to classic styles, colors — something that will go with anything that I’m wearing, easily. Because I don’t change bags often, I typically gravitate towards good quality bags that I can throw around or put on the floor or whatever I wind up doing with it because they are going to last, at least, an entire season.

That’s not to say I spend a ton of money on my handbags (don’t get me wrong I can…I love the designer bags I have), I just look for ones that are well made. I’ve gotten amazing bags at Target that I’ve had for years and I still use them because they’re still in good shape.

Today, I wanted to show some bags that I’ve found that I like for the fall. Most of them are pretty classic colors and styles, which I like, but there are a couple of trendier pieces in there, too, that I found myself drawn to in my shopping.

Fall Fashion Bags Roundup

One: Faux-Suede/Faux Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag — I love that saddle bags have made a comeback this year; it’s just such a cute style. Plus, this bag is currently 30% off the sale price, so it’s well under $25, which is a steal for a cute fall crossbody.

Two: Half-Moon Satchel Handbag — I like that you can wear this as a crossbody or you can just carry it by the handles. It’s also pretty roomy so it should hold everything (unless you’re a kitchen sink purse carrier) and very affordable.

Three: Bucket Shoulder Bag — If you’re my age or older you likely remember that Coach used to carry a bag that looked like this in the mid 90’s; it was bigger and I think it was the Duffle Sac? Anyway, this takes me back to that Coach bag so much and it’s such a classic style that you can easily wear it multiple years.

Four: Destin Satchel — This is another bag that you can wear as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or just carry it by the handles, and it’s a really good size. I also love the color options in this one; it has four different colors it comes in and I actually really like this mushroom color that I have showing here. I do love all my brown/cognac bags for fall, but this light gray is also really pretty.

Five: Lucie Tote — This is actually the tote I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that I fell in love with as soon as I got it. Nordstrom was out of stock of it forever after the sale, but luckily Sole Society has it fully stocked on their website. This is what I’m using for my work bag this year and it’s perfect. It is HUGE, so if you do need a bag to carry a lot, this is perfect, or if you need a good bag for work, this is also perfect for that.

Six: Leith Suede Crossbody Saddle Bag — This is just adorable. For me, this is definitely a trendier piece, but I love the dusty pink color for fall and I think this would be a great for someone who likes a bit more of a color pop in their bags.

Seven: Cora Mini Tote — This is pretty similar to the small Madewell Transport tote (#9) but at a lower price point, which is always a plus. This bag also comes in a leopard print, so if you’re one of the people who is into leopard everything this fall, this bag might tickle your fancy.

Eight: Tote Handbag w/ Toggle Hardware — This, again, is just a classic tote for me. You can wear it on your shoulder and it has a longer strap if you want to use it. This could also be a great work bag if you need a new one. The structure of this bag is perfect to carry everything you’d ever need in it.

Nine: Small Zip-Top Transport Bag — I own one of these; I got it in the light pink shade last spring and this was by far my most worn bag throughout the summer. If you are looking to make an investment on a crossbody or a smaller bag, this is definitely your best bet, it will last you years and the leather just gets better the more you use it.

Ten: Topshop Mini Faux Leather Crossbody — This is another trendier piece that I just thought was adorable. This would be a great little weekend bag if you’re just going out with friends or are just someone who can carry a mini bag regularly. I don’t think I’d really use it, but it’s just so cute that I want it anyway.

Eleven: Flap Faux Leather Crossbody — I also really like this bag for when I want to just carry essentials with me and not much else. I like that this bag is simple, you could easily carry it for years and wear anything with it.

Twelve: Mini Rubie Faux Leather Crossbody – This is labeled as a mini bag, but it looks like it has a ton of room in it for everything, which is how I like to live my life. It’s kind of the signature Sole Society bag in that it’s classic with a little extra fun details to give it a little personality.

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