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Iron Man Needs to Share.

Because I need iron.

So after the vampires had their way with me last week, I forgot that technology exists and I’d likely be able to check my blood results online. So I finally checked that last night.  Go me.

Lipid Panel/Cholesterol is normal, Metabolic panel is normal, Blood Sugar is normal, Thyroid is normal (whew), my VITAMIN D LEVEL IS COMFORTABLY IN THE NORMAL RANGE!! YAY!!!!

My iron, though?  Still low as shit.

I mean, I guess yay that it hasn’t gone down any further?  But it’s not come up either.  All my iron levels scream iron deficient or anemia.  I have no symptoms of anemia.  I’m not always tired, cold, weak, dizzy, etc.  So Iron Deficiency is awesome.

I’m still refusing iron pills at the moment though.  I’ve heard too many weird stories about what they can do to your stomach. My mother took them when I was younger and almost had to go to the hospital because her stomach hurt so bad.  I’m still not abotu that life.

So I see my regular doctor for an annual check up tonight and my derm tomorrow.  I’m grateful that a lot of my hair has returned and probably will continue if everything remains normal.  I just don’t know what is up with the iron deficiency.  I’m going to talk to both ladies (yup, both women) and see what I can do.  Maybe I just need to start cooking everything I make in a cast iron pot or something.  I don’t know.  But I would do that before taking iron supplements.

Devon’s going with me to my derm appointment tomorrow.  Mainly because it’s in Timonium and I don’t see a point to going 45 minutes away for a 30 minute appointment and then just going straight home.  So we’re going to go visit his old place of employment (Macys) and see some of his people and have dinner while we’re out there.  Maybe I’ll just eat all the spinach.  Of course then, I’ll likely get kidney stones.


I guess I should start shopping Amazon for a good cast iron pan.  I’m not taking iron pills.  I’m just not doing that yet.

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