ACA Hawaii 2014 Saturday Shorts

Last Week of School Before Break Shorts

*Literally, check your teacher/educator friends, we’re not okay this week. Everything and every one who could try me is doing it and I’m so ready to be out for a week. Ya’ll know, I love my school this year and I love that I get to really do what I’ve been trained to do, but man….I need a moment away before I tell some people what I really think. When I tell you it’s an administrative decision don’t come for me and tell me how much you don’t like it…got to the ADMINISTRATOR who made the decision. #leavemeoutofit Counselors are literally middlemen most of the time. #dontevengetmestarted

*We did ugly Christmas sweater day at work today. Mine is technically a sweatshirt…but…it’s still fantastic. (I meant to take a picture in it before I took it off, but forgot…it was one of those days.)

ugly christmas sweatshirt

It meows when you press on the middle cat….it’s amazing. Would you expect anything different from me?

*I’ve been taking snack-esque lunches this week. Mostly because I didn’t feel like making anything specific this weekend and because it’s the week before break and I’m not into putting any more effort than necessary into things right now.

And it is actually really good and filling, which is great because we know I’m not trying to snack all day like I was before.

*I ordered a set of silicone rings from Amazon last night because for some reason my wedding set is itching me and I’m not someone who goes without their wedding rings (short of being in the shower). I think it’s mostly because they’re a little tighter than they used to be from weight gain. While I’m starting to lose a little bit, they’re probably still going to be tight for a bit. So, the silicone rings will be good for healing the dermatitis that seems to be breaking out under my ring and for other things that you don’t really want to wear your pretty wedding set for.

I’m not entirely sure I’ll wear all the colors, but I wanted them anyway (we know I’ll likely stack the black, grey, and white one together and probably never touch the others). Plus it was under $11 for all 8 and I figured if I feel adventurous, I can wear the pink ones together. #adventure

*I think I might also get a “temporary” wedding set that’s bigger because I also recognize that Devon and I are trying to conceive, which would mean my fingers eventually swell (assuming pregnancy happens) and get bigger, which would make my current set unwearable anyway. I realize I could get my current set resized, but if weight loss is the goal I don’t want to do anything that permanent to my rings at this point. And Etsy has cute wedding sets that aren’t insanely expensive, which is very favorable for me.

*I got my FabFitFun winter box like a week ago and haven’t even opened it yet. THIS IS THE WEEK I’M HAVING, OKAY?

*Finally I just want to leave this parting message to sum up my current life as an educator…the week before Christmas break…

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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