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No, I’m not pregnant…..

Nor do I plan to be anytime soon.

Two people have asked me that question in the past week.

So I just wanted to set the record straight; my uterus is empty.

I was questioned because I wanted like a salty/sweet combo.  I want that regularly.  French fries followed by ice cream is like my kryptonite (also apparently my auto correct has Krypton, but not Kryptonite; weird).  My luck it’ll be that stuff that makes me want to vomit when I’m pregnant.  So if you hear me say to get that stuff away from me, then asking if I’m pregnant is more appropriate.

Then I was asked again when a friend and I were talking about cars.  Because I made a comment that when my lease is up, I’m planning on up-sizing my “crossover” SUV for a mid-size because I want more backseat and trunk room.

“Planning on having little people in your backseat soon, then?”


Not planning it.

I’m not naive to think that I can’t have an “omg, i’m actually pregnant”, “oops” kind of moment.  I can.  It’s possible.

But am I planning it?  Nope.

I’m planning on avoiding it for now.  But you never know.


In part when I say, “I want something bigger” it’s because I do plan ahead and realize that kids will be part of mine and Devon’s life at some point (does not mean now) and since Devon’s not a “big car” guy, as he’s happiest in mid-size sedans, it will be me that has a bigger/higher capacity car.  Luckily for me I love driving SUV’s anyway (no minivans, though, please).  But it is a thought; that at some point a car seat will be in the back seat.  Again, not naive to the possibility of it happening, but not planning it right now.

The other part is I’ve always kind of had buyer’s (or leaser’s, I suppose, since I only leased my Rogue) remorse.  When I went to the dealership, I couldn’t decided between the Rogue and the Pathfinder.  I liked both when I test drove.  But I was coming out of a sedan and I think that made the Pathfinder feel so huge to me that it freaked me out a little to drive it because it felt too big.  The Rogue, at the time, felt better because it handles like a sedan but with more room and higher up off the ground.  Once I got used to SUV size again, I kept having that thought of “I really should have gotten the Pathfinder”  Our religion teacher here has a Pathfinder and I actually rode with her to a service once and I realized how much I liked hers better than mine.

But again, I leased.  So I’m not super attached to my Rogue and really have no issues trading it in when my lease is up in March 2017 and test driving a Pathfinder again and seeing if I still like it.

And yes, Religion teacher has two car seats in her Pathfinder, so there’s plenty of room.

But I’m not pregnant.


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