Funny Saturday Shorts Wedding

Saturday Shorts

*Devon and I are touring our first wedding venues over Christmas break.  I will be honest, I’m not that picky as to where we get married; I’m perfectly content staying in Baltimore.  This man is saying “Why don’t we look at St. Michaels?”  For those not local, St. Michaels is a small coastal town on the Eastern Shore-ish of MD.  It’s about an hour and a half away from where we are, which isn’t terrible and it is beautiful there.  A friend of mine was married there about 4 years ago and we’re looking at the venue she used at her recommendation.  I attended her wedding, but he’s never been there so I don’t know where the hell he got this idea from.  I’m also not sure if it’s in our budget, but we can explore and at least feel some things out.  

*I keep hearing the word “snow” for next weekend. I kind of groan but am okay with it at the same time.  I only have one day of actual work that week after and if it were cancelled, I wouldn’t be mad about it.  But that’s not likely to happen, so really it would just be an annoying inconvenience for me.  

*I actually bought skinny pants.  I KNOW I HATE THEM! But I’m tired of rolling my pants to wear my knee high riding boots.  So, I caved.  I do still more or less hate them, I just own them out of necessity and because I love my riding boots.  I’m only a little “basic”, I promise.  

*I am counting down the days so hard to Christmas break.  I can’t even begin to explain it.  Thanksgiving was great and all (aside from the obvious reasons) but having almost two weeks off? The thought of it is almost an indescribable joy.  It is true that educators look forward to these breaks more than the kids do.  We actually have a very visible countdown up in our main office because we’re all so excited.  

*I have noticed that the bags of shredded cheese you buy at the grocery store have gotten smaller, despite their “different packaging, same amount” label.  Most bags used to be 8oz and some more “premium” cheeses were maybe 7oz.  But, I noticed yesterday that most are now 7oz or 6oz.  And it didn’t matter what brand I was looking at.  How dare you all take my cheese from me.  I bet you thought no one would notice, didn’t you?  I notice everything, though.  Yes, I realize I’m talking to imaginary cheese people. 

*Kevin Hart is hilarious.  We’re watching Ride Along 2 and we watched one of his stand-ups earlier. I swear if he and Melissa McCarthy got together, I would probably die from hyperventilating.  I think Devon is planning on putting in another one of his stand-ups and open the bottle of wine we have chilling in the fridge.  So that death from lack of oxygen could happen tonight.  We shall see.  

*So, in summary…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

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