Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts

*I satisfied my Taco Bell craving on Wednesday.  It was delicious.  They have clearly upped their game a bit in terms of what ingredients they use and things like that; but that jalapeño sauce they use on their quesadillas….it never changes.  And I appreciate that.  It was some good stuff.  I don’t feel the need to really have it again anytime soon, which I figured would happen; so, I’ll see you again in a few years Taco Bell.  

*If you are like me and get those annoying and simply stupid things on your lips from time to time called cold sores (fever blisters, whatever you prefer to call them); I feel your pain.  I don’t get them often; I usually only get them when I’m stressed out (which I am a bit stressed currently for one thing or another) and I haven’t had one in probably almost a year.  But, over the years, I’ve found a fool-proof method for me to get rid of them quickly, especially if I can catch it right when that tingly feeling starts happening, like it did this morning.  It involves three things: ice, Vaseline (not just Chapstick, actual petroleum jelly in the tub) and this Lysine Lip Care, Amazon always has it, I think I’ve also gotten it at Target and Walmart before, too.  As soon as a tingle pops up, I put the Lysine on with a coat of Vaseline over it and re-apply every 1-2 hours (or as soon as the area starts to feel dry); if there’s a head/blister already coming in,  I keep an ice pack on it pretty much indefinitely to try and keep the inflammation down.  I’ve had cold sores go away in two days doing this and sometimes they don’t “fully mature” either especially if I’ve been able to catch it before the blister actually appears.  So, if you’re like me, get on the Lysine train.  None of those “medicated creams” hold a candle to it as far as I’m concerned.  

*We love cheese here.  A lot.  Almost any kind of cheese (because blue cheese is nasty) is appreciated here.  We even have a whole drawer full of cheese in our fridge…I promise I’m not kidding.  So, when I finally saw these at Target yesterday, I might have gotten a little too excited:

They’re delicious.  I feel like these should be mozzarella cheese instead of Monterey jack, though.  I’m not that heart-broken about it, just seems more logical.  

*Okay, at this point I’m just procrastinating things I actually need to do today.  So, I’m going to stop doing that now.  Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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