Scrabble Pics

For the last three days I have been obsessed with this game called Scrabble Pics that I found in the Apple App Store (and it was free!).


Like…it’s bad. Pretty much all of my free time since Wednesday has been spent playing this. I’m on level 81 now. Part of me is just trying to see how high up the game goes and the other part…..might just be a little addicted.


In all honesty it doesn’t rally have THAT much to do with Scrabble; it’s more like a crossword puzzle that uses Scrabble tiles. You have to use the available tiles to match the pictures on the top and the left and some of them are tricky so your vocabulary needs to be up to par.

But then you see the finished screen and you get all excited and feel the need to go on to the next puzzle, which, of course is harder. You spend five minutes wondering why you kept going when you got your victory but you’re not a quitter so you have to keep trying until you win again and start the whole process over again. It’s frustrating but so much fun!!

Okay, I might have a small problem in my love of this game. But only a small one.


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