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Screaming Goat

What? Yes, though.

So, there was a Super Bowl commercial for Sprint.  I didn’t realize it was a Super Bowl commercial because it plays pretty regularly on Game Show Network (we love old school Match Game in our house, don’t judge).  It’s very…….unexpected….

It’s also ridiculously hilarious.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s so silent and all the sudden a goat is screaming, or what.  But every time, I die.  Devon dies.  I think he actually hyperventilated at one moment.  It’s so bad.

And Devon being Devon managed to find the original Screaming Goat clip.

But he’s evil.  Not only does he decide to make it his text message notification on his phone (and continues to crack up every time he gets a text) but he’s tormenting me with it.

I woke up around 6am on Monday morning to go to the bathroom, come back to bed, notice that he changed positions (not unusual).  All of the sudden about a minute later, as I’m drifting back off to sleep, I hear a screaming goat behind me.  Mind you, I was half asleep, so I wasn’t entirely sure that’s what I heard so I’m slowly turning my head to look behind me and all the sudden Devon’s head pops up to see what my reaction was and I can see the light from his Kindle under the blanket.

Him popping up startles me so I can’t say anything coherent and he’s laughing like a maniac.  He told me that he queued it up on his Kindle before he went to sleep.  So I’m like, “you were just waiting for me to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?”.  He’s like, “No, I was actually just going to play it in your ear while you were sleeping and see what you would do”.

Evil.  I proceeded to hide his Kindle from him after assaulting him with my pillow (while he’s still laughing crazily).

The commercial itself is hilarious, although half asleep at 6am, it’s mildly terrifying.

I, now, must seek revenge.

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