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Belated April Fools

Devon loves April Fools Day. He loves the jokes and pranks that ensue and he loves playing them. 

“Luckily” for me, Devon was on spring break for April Fools, all by himself as it was my last day of school before mine started. 

I knew he was going to do something. I’d be crazy to think otherwise.  I came home suspicious. I didn’t know what I was going to come to, but I knew it was something.  

Everything seemed normal.  Dinner was edible (he cooked), everything seemed okay. 

Then I went to get some of my frozen yogurt.  I looked at it…looked slightly off, so I smelled it, smelled fine. Yes, I’m aware this should have been a clue by this point, but it wasn’t.  Put it in a bowl, little chocolate syrup, good times. Went to eat it. Tasted it. Tasted off.  Not bad…but not right.  Another bite, was fine, so I thought maybe just what I ate for dinner clouded my initial bite. Two more bites….yeah…not okay. I went to throw it away and open the new carton I had. Got a new bowl, and when I came back into the living room Devon was dying laughing.  

He’s all, “you don’t like salty yogurt?!?!?  You have no idea how hard it was to watch you do all that without laughing”. 


He knew I would get him back eventually. But we both enjoy giving each other a false sense of security. So in keeping with that, I waited to retaliate. He knew I would, but he didn’t know when. 

At first, it was going to be that I put Easter grass all up in his school stuff and car because he despises Easter grass. 

He made a big thing about jelly beans at Easter and how he didn’t get any.  I just patted him in the hand and was all, you’ll be fine. 

But yesterday, I was in Wegmans, which we know how much I love Wegmans, and they have these candy bulk bins. They have an entire section in the bulk bins of assorted jelly beans. They had some….interesting flavors.  

So I just randomly took a scoop of all sorts of flavors, like buttered popcorn, a spicy one, some dr pepper thing, cherry, grape, etc. Mixed them all up and put them in a cute little container and left them for him on the sink. 

Little did he know I created a little scavenger hunt of good ones and really really bad jelly bean ideas. So he’s all excited and got a handful this morning. First few were fine.  Then there were a couple that he looked upset by. Then he got to the buttered popcorn that he actually had to spit out and proclaim what a horrible idea that was.  

Then he looks at me and I’m already smiling.  He’s like, “this is your revenge isn’t it?”  

Hell yes!!!!!!  

He got a couple of the really gross ones too.  I was so excited. 

Mess with my frozen yogurt, I’ll mess with your jelly beans. 


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