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Cucumber Lemon Water

basily water bottleI just wanted to point out, that water infused with lemon and cucumber is amazing.

And I hate drinking water.  I mean a lot.  I like flavor in my drinks, preferably in the form of diet coke syrup and aspartame. Yes, I know it’s bad for me.  But I love it.  I hate drinking water because it has little to no flavor and it’s annoying.  And water has to be cold for me to drink it, like ice cold.

But, I’m trying to be better and drink more water.  I saw an awesome deal on these Basily Water Bottles with an Infuser on Amazon, so I thought, well why not.  Maybe if I have flavor in my water, I’ll drink it more.

I started looking online to see what kind of good things I could infuse water with and I saw many places say that not only does cucumber and lemon taste good together, but they are also great for you.  The mix is full of antioxidants, vitamin C and flavinoids, silica and potassium.  So it boosts your immune system, helps to give you energy and get your metabolism moving, aids in digestion by helping purify the liver and even helps your skin (and mine could use some help).

But it also tastes really good.  I really like it.   It has the sweet and tart thing going so the two fruits balance out nicely.  I’m sorry I didn’t bring more water with me (I only filled my bottle once because I didn’t want to over force myself). I also want to try some berry water, maybe some blueberries and strawberries mixed together in there.   That sounds delicious too.

And the Basily water bottle is just pretty.  There are a couple different colors, I have the blue one because I love blue.  And it’s 28oz, so it does hold a lot of water which I’m okay with because it tastes good.  They tell you to shake the bottle once the fruit is in there but I didn’t really shake it and it still is fully flavored.  I guess if you use really juicy fruit like mine was shaking isn’t fully necessary.  Basily also has some other water bottles and products to help you drink healthier on Amazon, most of which are pretty inexpensive.  I haven’t tried any but would be willing to at this point.


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