Saturday Shorts


*I GOT MY WEDDING RING!  I am so excited.  One problem…small problem…it’s actually too big, so I have to send it back to be re-sized.  But they do send a mold with custom orders, so I measured my finger as well as molded my engagement ring, so when they re-size, it should fit everything perfectly.  It so beautiful, guys.  Seriously.  I had it on “testing the fit” and eventually Devon was like…”you do know you can’t wear it yet…like permanently yet…right?” But it’s so pretty, though!  I do admit, it’s a little bit more of a ring than I was originally going for…meaning it’s a bit bigger, but it’s gorgeous and I’m so excited.

*And no, I’m not sharing pictures of my wedding ring yet.  It’s one of those things that I feel should be kept under wraps until the wedding.  Like the 3/4 of my dress that no one has seen yet.  It’s just one of those things.  Don’t judge me; it’s one of my weird little things.

*Yesterday was particularly crappy at work.  You know those days where nothing huge happens, but a bunch of small things that just generally bum you out?  Yeah, that was my life yesterday.  So because of that, we opened this baby up last night to help unwind:

chateau michelle sweet riesling

A friend got us this for Christmas and I’ve never had this brand before, but Devon and I are more the sweet wine drinkers, so this was really delicious.  And it definitely gave a little extra zen to our evening.

*Devon is cooking for the first time this weekend since my my whole “no gluten” thing started.  He’s so confused…it’s adorable.  He’s like, do you understand how hard it was to shop looking for a damn “G” on everything.  Yup.  Been there already, bro.  Now, shut up and make me dinner.  (I’m partially kidding.)

*I am already so insanely busy next week….almost one of those weeks where I wouldn’t mind a snow day…ya know…again to calm it down just a little.  I get the feeling though, this will actually be our first full week back since Christmas, which is semi-fine and semi-disappointing all at the same time.  Luckily, caffeine, my old friend, I’m sure will be there to get me through it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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