Saturday Shorts


*I need people to settle a debate between Devon and I: Is it bad luck to wear your wedding ring before the wedding?  I’ve “tried” mine on a few times and every time I do, he’s like “take it off, it’s bad luck!!”  I’ve never heard that and I think he’s full of it.  Is he full of it…or no….?

*My cat is crazy.  She’s currently doing a 500 meter dash around the apartment and meowing as if someone was trying to kill her.  And this is completely normal, I just want to point out.  She’s not pained or in any sort of distress.  She’s just odd.  It’s what she does.

*We saw the trailer last night for “Bad Samaritan”, AKA David Tennant’s new movie.  He can play anyone, even someone completely psychotic, as he is in this movie, and I still adore him.  For a really goofy, nerdy guy, he plays evil really well.  And this is more evil than he was on “Jessica Jones”…Here….just watch….


*There is this restaurant called Chin Chin Labs in London that serves the most epic hot chocolate ever.  They have other delicious things, too, but I’ve mentioned that I adore hot chocolate and when you put a huge layer of marshmallow fluff on top….look at this:


I mean…come on now.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to live here when we’re in London in June….in fact it may be what we go back for on our last night as our “going away present” to ourselves.

*Devon is going to be teaching Environmental Science at his county’s evening high school for the next 13 weeks.  That should be….fun.  This is a good intro back into high school for him and it will look really good on his resume to move to high school next year. Environment science isn’t really his jam (he’s more biology and physics) but you take what you get.  So he’s going to have a couple extra long days for the next several weeks, but if it works; then he’ll get past the tiredness it will create.

*We have not seen Black Panther yet…don’t worry that will happen next weekend.  It’s been super rainy and blah here all weekend and we both had a bunch of things and work to do this weekend, so we decided to hold off until next weekend.  Plus it’s a holiday weekend next weekend, so we have three days off (yay!), so plenty of time to do what we need to do and have some chill time.

*Our vacuum randomly stopped the other day.  I can’t figure out why; it wasn’t overheated, filters are clean, cups are clean…so……I’m confused.  I sent an email to Hoover in the hopes that they can do something. I’ve had this vacuum maybe a year and a half and worked perfectly until that happened.  I still can’t get it to turn on, so I don’t know what is going on.  I mean, we’re at the point where if anything breaks around the house or whatnot, we’re just putting it on our wedding registry just to see what happens there.  But it’d be nice to have ours work for a few more months.

Have a great weekend!

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