Saturday Shorts


*So, I am aware that my site keeps crashing/not loading.  I’m working with my site host, but they think it’s more on WordPress’s side….soooo…I’m frustrated, too.  I apologize for any issues you may be having accessing anything right now.

*Most of our wedding invitations went out this week!  That’s super exciting; I can’t believe we’re at 70 days.  A little anxiety is starting to kick in; hopefully we don’t have any huge hiccups anywhere.

*Mother Nature is annoying me.  Apparently we’re just skipping spring and going back and forth between winter and summer.  It’s been 80 degrees for the past two days and today it’s 45 and rainy.  I don’t understand or like this weather.  I typically like Maryland because we actually have all four seasons when they are supposed to happen.  If I wanted to live somewhere with two seasons I’d move either far north or far south.

*I have a dentist appointment this week and I hate the dentist so much.  Part of me is like, I should reschedule…but….ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.  So, I’ll go…and be annoyed by it.

*I got our house obscenely clean over spring break, so now I’m kind of obsessed with keeping it that way.  Luckily, Devon is good at helping with that (it’s probably more just so I don’t yell at him for being messy).  I’ve noticed he has a tendency to take his cues from me when it comes to maintaining the house.  When I’m being lazy about it; he does the same.  When I’m being obsessive over it; he’s usually a lot better, too.  It’s not exactly helpful most of the time, but currently I’m appreciative of it.

*I’m out in the living room working on this and some work and Devon is in the office working and he just came out, randomly gave me a kiss, and went back in the office.  I asked him what that was for; he’s like “meh, just felt like it”.  It was cute.  He’s not that cute that often….I wonder what horrible thing he did……(I’m only semi-joking).

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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