Saturday Shorts


*I’m finally starting to feel normal again after being home for a week now.  It’s kind of nice. I’ve already legally changed my name (with Social Security that is) and changed my drivers license and the big things that matter most.  It happened a lot quicker than I expected it to; like I already have my new Social Security card and driver’s license, even all my work stuff is already converted to my new married name.

*Anyone else have to really train their brain to say their new married name, though?  I can write it on anything, but anytime I introduce myself or say my full name at this point, it’s still my maiden name, so after I say it, it’s like “wait…nope, that’s not it”.  Devon shakes his head every time.  He’s like, you waited this long for the easier name and now you never say it?  Habits are hard to break!

*Our five year anniversary is on Friday.  I feel like it’s still a valid thing to celebrate, but maybe not as hard as we normally did since we have a wedding anniversary now? Does that make sense? And, at the end of the day, us being together as an actual couple for five years is pretty awesome.  Devon is “secretly” looking forward to it because it means he’s now, almost, my longest relationship.  My ex – “fiancee” (long story), Jean, and I were together for five years and three months and Devon kinda really hates him, so he’s had a small desire to bypass him in relationship duration.  Not that it was ever up for debate that Devon and I would last longer, it’ll just make him happy….he’s an odd man.

*This coming weekend is our good friends wedding (the ones we had to get married before) and today Devon is at a bachelor party for his friend Rob who is “eloping” with his fiancee, Rachael, next week in Colorado.  We’re only calling it eloping because they’re leaving to do it and none of their friends are really going; just immediate family – which I guess is kind of eloping; but they’ve planned this since they got engaged a few months ago.  After this, at this point, we only have two weddings left; both of which are held off until 2020, our friends Yuri and Chanel as well as Michelle and Jeremy.  It’ll kind of be nice to be out of the wedding world for a bit; these past couple of years have been…..a lot.

*I cleaned out our front hall closet yesterday and there are so many blazers I forgot about it and it makes me sad.  I had to move them into my bedroom closet because I really want to wear them when it starts cooling down, but I’m clearly not going to go into the front hall closet for them.  There was so much stuff in that closet I forgot existed.  We had a TV in there that I forgot about; yeah it was that disheveled.  But the good news is I was finally able to fit our luggage in there so it’s out of my dining room.  Yay!! Now, the rest of the house….

*For those asking, our cat kind of hated us for a day or so when we got home.  She was a bit cantankerous for her sitter (aka she embodied the little old lady stereotype) and it took her a bit to warm back up to us.  We normally shut our bedroom door at night just because she has a tendency to sing the song of her people at 6am on weekends, but we have been keeping it open because it seems like she was having some abandonment issues; like hanging out in the bathroom, which she only does when she’s scared.  But she’s getting better; she hasn’t been in the bathroom since Wednesday and she’s sitting with us again.

*I have to work this week.  It seems weird.  I mean, it’s only in the mornings, but still.  I have to do testing with a couple of students, I have a couple meetings with parents and a few things to follow up on for programming for this year, but I can’t believe I actually have to work.  I actually head back to school for the school year in almost exactly a month, which just seems crazy, too.  This summer is flying by.

Okay, well since Devon is off celebrating Rob today, I’m going to do a little friend/retail therapy.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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