Saturday Shorts


*You know you’re an adult when you happily spend Sunday afternoon shopping for new bed pillows.  Devon got himself one two of those gel contour ones.  I’m fairly certain that the purpose is to only use one?  I feel like two is too much but to each his own and when two is too many I’ll giggle a little bit.

*I really wish there was an affordable grocery service for when you just need like 2-3 things and don’t want to put on a bra to go get them (and because you forgot to stop at the store while you were out).  For me to have one of the normal delivery services bring it, it would be like $25 for less than $10 worth of stuff.  It means that I will eventually get to the store and get it myself, but I wish there was a small order service.

*This is my last summer weekend, officially anyway.  I’ve been at work a bit the past couple of weeks, but this coming week is officially everyone coming back to prep for school to start the week after. We are still one of like three schools in Maryland that start before Labor Day since the law went into place last year, but it does mean we’re done right after Memorial Day, so I’ll live.

*I’m planning out some meal prep for myself for the next couple of weeks.  I really started watching what I ate last week and ate a lot more “better for you” things like fruits and veggies and smaller portions.  I feel like some of the excess bloating has gone away, which is nice.  Plus all the water I’m drinking is helping to flush all the glutenous stuff out of my gut from the summer, which is also making me feel better.  Our school always provides breakfast and lunch during professional days but it’s not always the best stuff (or it’s just all filled with gluten that I can’t eat) so I’m actually going to still bring some breakfast and lunch options for when I can’t eat what they’re offering.

*I never made it to Ikea last week which made me sad, but I am going on Tuesday.  I have to be at work later in the afternoon for a meeting (earlier in the day is new faculty orientation, which I’m so happy to miss this year), so I think I’m going to treat myself to an Ikea trip before that.  Plus, it’s on the way to work…kinda….if I go a certain way it is, anyway.

*I’m so ready for fall.  Like a lot.  I usually try to wait until Labor Day weekend to bring out the fall clothes (regardless of the temperature) but….I don’t know if I can wait that long.  I really miss my cardigans and scarves.  It’s so grossly hot outside; I’m over it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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