Saturday Shorts


*Devon is making ribs for dinner.  I’m so ridiculously excited, I can barely sit still.  They’re AMAZING!!

*If you saw my Instastories the other night, you’ll see that I’m playing around with the idea of going low-carb.  Not no carb or no carbs on certain days or whatever, just being cognizant of the amount of carbs Im consuming and not overdoing it.  Its absolutely no secret that I could eat carbs three times a day and be perfectly happy.  However, my stomach has been not overly happy with me as of late and I feel like limiting my carb intake might help a bit.  I want to focus on incorporating more lean protein and whole food (fruits/veggies) into my diet.  Luckily, Devon is also feeling the need of a similar lifestyle change, so it might make it easier.  

*Yesterday I had an amazing breakfast from Panera.  It was our last SAT administration and I always get Panera as a small thank you to the teachers who give up ther Saturdays to help me proctor this test.  I got bagels and stuff for everyone else and for me I got their Mediterranean Egg White Sandwich.  Now, it does come on a ciabatta, so obviously there are carbs, but I didn’t eat all of the bread.  I ate about half the sandwich and then just ate the rest of the inside of the sandwich off of the bread.  It had egg white (obviously), spinach, cheddar cheese, basil pesto, and a roasted tomato sofrito that added a nice kick of heat in the back of your throat.  It filled me up really well, too.  I ate it around 6:45am and wasn’t actually hungry again until around 1:30.  Definitely worth it! 

*It is the last week of school for prettty much everyone in our area, including Devon and I both.  It’s kind of bittersweet for me, but I’m also really excited to have the summer off and focus on maybe getting a little bit healthier, doing more wedding planning and definitely getting more sleep! A summer off has definitely been hard-earned and well-deserved in my house.  Hopefully we have a productive and quiet summer to recharge for getting back to work at the end of August.  

Have a great weeek everyone! 

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