Saturday Shorts


*So can we talk about having a migraine for a week? Because I had a migraine for the majority of last week. It was a dull ache for most of the week until it was a lot more painful than necessary on Thursday and into Friday. My migraines have a tendency to be very hormonal, so they’re hard to control when they happen. I don’t get them that bad that often, which is great, but man…that was just unnecessary.

*On the topic of hormonal things…have I mentioned that Devon and I are going to actively start trying to have kids (which just seems appropriate to announce on Mother’s Day)? Because we made that decision recently, which means I am coming off of birth control for the first time since college. THAT is going to be a lot of fun…without question. I’m doing one more month on birth control because of work and then I’m going to stop throughout the summer and hopefully whatever hell my body decides to unleash on me will happen when I don’t really have to be at work. Maybe I’ll get lucky and we’ll conceive quickly so I don’t have to go through months of hell without birth control, but we’ll see.

*I got my new Boxy Charm yesterday and outside of their weird obsession with glittery/shimmery eyeshadows (which I don’t understand), I’m enjoying the subscription. Especially considering that they manage to send enormous tubes of facial cleanser in them from Glam Glow; I’m super excited about that. I also really like the blush palette, it’s like it’s meant for us really pale people. There was also a green eyeliner (which apparently can really look good on hazel eyes. :shrugs:) and a pretty nude lip color.

*There is likely going to be an extra blog post this week to make up for the post I wasn’t able to get up on Thursday. It was mostly done, but I needed to do some editing to it and I just couldn’t look at the screen long enough to make that happen.

*I’m on that really important count down to the end of the year. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to be off for the summer, I feel like this year has been designed to kill me slowly.

*Lastly I want to wish all of the Mom’s that I know and that read here a very happy Mother’s Day. My heart is also with everyone how may be having a hard day today for one reason or another, as wonderful as today can be it can also be difficult too. Here’s hoping you are being kind to yourself if you aren’t feeling the celebratory nature of today.

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