Saturday Shorts


*There is so much good TV lately! Black Mirror is back, we finally watched the new Arrested Development episodes, Designated Survivor’s new season is up on Netflix, Good Omens is out on Amazon Prime…it’s just so good! I’ve heard The Handmaid’s Tale’s new season is out, which is not something we’ve gotten in to, but I’ve heard good things so I had Devon add it to the queue.

*I’m putting together a playlist for our trip in a couple of weeks and I asked Devon if he had any particular desires to be added to it (since while we have similar tastes we don’t listen to all of the same things). He did his normal requests of things like Coheed and Cambria and EdgeWater, which are his favorites. But he’s also like…”can you throw some Mega Man in there….some Final Fantasy…” :sigh: I married a gamer….without question and I knew that. And even in his car, most of the time he has video game themes on…so I don’t know why I’m surprised…I think I’m just more amused. He’s sucha nerd, an adorable one, but still such a nerd.

*Devon’s on my phone doing something and every couple minutes he proclaims, “I hate iPhones!”, mostly because it goes to sleep to quickly and he has to keep putting in my passcode (because obvi his face won’t be recognized as mine…of course I told him he could add himself to face recognition…but he hasn’t done that).

*Did you all hear that iTunes is going away? I know they’re essentially just replacing it with something else, but I still feel like I’m losing a piece of my childhood like when AIM was shut down a year or so ago.

*I’ve been a little under the weather this weekend which is why I’ve been pretty radio silent everywhere. But medication is wonderful and I’m finally starting to feel better this afternoon so lets hope I’m good to go and do all of the things on my to-do list, outside of the house, tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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