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Trunk Club First Impressions

I think, at this point, we know that I’m a fan of stylist-curated fashion boxes. I’ve gotten regular shipments of various companies boxes for years and I’m always excited to try a new box out.

Trunk Club isn’t a new service, by any means. In fact I started the process to try one out a couple of years ago and then stopped, but I can’t remember why. Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company and all of the pieces they send are items you could purchase at Nordstrom. That being said, a lot of their pieces have a tendency to be a bit pricier than you’ll find in some other popular boxes, but you’re more likely to find brands you’ve heard of before over other popular boxes as those companies tend to work with more “in-house” boutique brands. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, knowing the brand beforehand can make it a bit easier for you in terms of knowing the fit and quality of the items you’re getting in your box.

Similarly to other curated boxes, there is a $25 styling fee that you pay for the box that you can apply to anything that you keep from the box. However, if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, the $25 fee is waived. Since I am a cardholder, I figured why not finally give it a try and see what all of the buzz is about.

Trunk club screenshot

I completed my style profile and was placed with a stylist who curated my first box. I really liked that I got to “meet” my stylist before she chose my box and that I had the ability to reach out to her before she made her selections to let her know if there was anything specific I wanted in my box or if there was anything I didn’t want added.

She also reached out to let me know that my box was ready and that I could go through and make sure that my box was to my specifications. That’s another feature I really like about this box. You can go through and reject items that you know you won’t want and have different items sent instead. You can also add on accessories at the end if you would like. I did reject a few items because I knew they just weren’t going to fit in any part of my wardrobe, so there was no point in having them shipped to me.

Trunk club preview

Despite a couple of instant “no’s” I really liked the items my stylist picked out for me, so I was excited to get my first trunk.

So, let’s take a look at what was in my trunk. This is a box that has, usually around 15 items in it, so I grouped all like things together in an effort to not make this post 10 pages long…

Trunk Club Purses

Y’all know I’m gonna start with purses first.

From Left to Right is a Nordstrom brand tote, a Madewell Medium Transport Tote and a Rebecca Minkoff Pippa Leather Tote. All three of these are very well made, all leather and high quality bags.

I didn’t actually keep any of them, though. I actually added the medium transport tote before it shipped because I’ve been curious about the size of it. I’ve seen the large one and own the small one, so I wanted to see if a medium would work. I liked it…but….I’d prefer the large or my small one, personally. The other two bags, while pretty, I don’t have a need for at this point, so I sent them back.

trunk club shoes

She sent both of these pairs of shoes. My love of loafers right now is really high; I don’t know why but I wear loafers so much it’s ridiculous.

I loved the ones on the left and I loved the fit of the ones on the right, but…hated the snakeskin…it’s the only reason why that pair went back. I will just never wear snakeskin…ever. Outside of that….so much love there.

Trunk club tops

Of course I asked for tops because there is no such thing as too many tops in my life.

These two were both a miss for me, though. The one on the left is just not me and the one on the right, I liked but I have a larger chest, I guess and the buttons gaped, which almost always happens in button down shirts for me. It’s annoying because that mustard color is everything and the fit was cute, but I work in a high school…I can’t flash people….

trunk club tops

Both of these, though were a win, especially the green Madewell top on the left. It’s legit perfect in every way. It’s flowy, it’s not too short , it’s comfy….so much love. Plus, it’s Madewell…it’ll last forever.

trunk club flare jeans

I’m me….I had to get flare jeans….

But can we talk about this…why are all flare jeans all high waisted now? What happened to mid-rise? Why is this not a thing anymore….

The high rise is why these became a no for me. High rise is just uncomfortable to me; these were beautiful and had the perfect flare leg, but I wouldn’t have worn them long because I would have been messing with the waist too much.

trunk club skinny pants

We know…I don’t like skinny pants.

But I understand their purpose, okay…..

Had the ones on the right been a size bigger I actually probably would have kept them. They’re Citizens of Humanity which is a favorite brand of mine because of how comfortable and flattering they are, these were just too small and they didn’t have the one size up to exchange them, so I sent them back.

The ones on the left are the iconic Spanx leggings, so I really just got them out of curiosity. I had a feeling I wouldn’t keep them (and I didn’t) but I felt like I had to try.


Last couple of items are accessories…

fuzzy scarf

And I mean…can you really go wrong with fuzzy socks and a big fuzzy scarf….

Not really.

So while not everything was a win, I did really enjoy the experience of this box. I like the fact that I feel like I have more control in personalizing this box and that I get to see everything before it ships so I can switch out things if I’m genuinely not interested in them. I’m definitely excited to get another box.

If you’re interested in trying this out, complete your style profile and chat with your stylist to see what they can come up with. Odds are you might find some great pieces!

To those who have used Trunk Club, what were your experiences?

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