Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts

*Why yes, I am making homemade ice cream right now.  Im just that domestic these days.  

I got the recipe off of Pinterest. If it’s good, I’ll share it with you later, if it’s not we’ll pretend like this never happened.  It smells good, though and the recipe was super easy, so we’ll see how it goes.  

*My mother’s treatment plan appointment was yesterday.  She needs 20 rounds of chemo, then surgery/possible mastectomy, then radiation.  So, it’s going to be a long time, but her doctors are extremely optimistic, as are we.  She’s not getting super huge doses of chemo, so her oncologist feels she’ll be able to, for the most part, live a normal life during it.  Not to say there won’t be side effects, but they don’t expect massive ones.  Chemo wil likely start in the next couple of weeks and surgery will be in the summer.  At least there is a plan now and I really like her doctors.  They’re holding her accountable and they’re making her do what she needs to do.  Those are the kinds of doctors she needs.  

*It’s Devon’s birthday weekend so he’s getting away with a lot of things he wouldn’t normally.  Like watching this weird subtitled Samurai movie last night and playing video games without me nagging him.  He better enjoy every minute of it while he has it.  

*I have several friends that swear by dabbing tea tree oil on pimples.  I was always skeptical, but I noticed on Wednesday night that there was a monstrosity brewing under my skin (it was seriously huge) that was already hurting and would definitely be one of those that took forever to heal.  I already have a couple of small pimples on my chin, the last thing I wanted was this one adding to it.  So, I decided to pull out my bottle of tea tree oil and a cotton ball and hold some of the oil on the spot for about 30 seconds like my friend suggested.  Holy hell it stung.  But I can live with stinging if it’s working.  I’ve done it twice a day for the past three days and it’s not fully healed, but it is much smaller and it never fully emerged like I know it was going to.  It’s not the most comfortable treatment, but one I will definitely do again for similar monstrosities. 

*You ever have one of those days where you just feel like being the world’s laziest person? That’s kinda where I am right now. Before I go make one of the birthday boy’s favorite dinners, I think I’m going to be a lazy blob on the couch.  

Enjoy the weekend!! 

2 thoughts on “Saturday Shorts”

  1. I am going to suggest the tea tree oil to my daughter as her face is always breaking out. I am also having “one of those days”, its 2pm and all I have managed to do is dishes and 1 load of laundry.

    1. Just warn her of the stinging/tingling. It means it’s working, but it’s not the most comfortable. I accidentally pulled a little bit of a scab off the area last night then did the tea tree oil and it REALLY stung for a little bit. All discomfort aside, it definitely helped!

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