Saturday Shorts


*We binge-watched “The Defenders” yesterday….all of it.  It was pretty good.  My only qualm is that Murakami really needed subtitles.  All he spoke was Japanese, so I kind of felt like I was always missing part of the conversation.  But it maintained the pace of the series well and kept my attention, so I look forward to season 2.

*First full week of work is over and I am….so tired.  Other than watching Netflix yesterday, I literally did next to nothing.  Between just working 8-9 hour days (which I haven’t done in over 2 months), unpacking, driving 45 minutes to and from work, and doing everything else….it’s tiring.  I’m sure it won’t be this bad once I get used to the schedule again and get used to the commute.  But for now….about 12 hours of sleep Friday night only scratched the surface.

*I had the WORST experience at my local Target on Friday; so bad that I actually left a cart full of items in the checkout line.  I am no stranger to Target’s policies (including the coupon policy) but I had a manager tell me that not only could I not do separate transactions (because it holds up the line – meanwhile there was no one behind me) but that was arguing with me over what the coupon policy on Target’s website said.  Then he kept changing the reason why I couldn’t use the Cartwheel that I wanted to use.  So, I finally just said, “then you know what, just keep all of it, and I will go to the other store that knows what they’re doing and give them my business”.  I did also email the store; but it was just ridiculous and unnecessary.  I’m not one of those “the customer is always right kind of people”, but when the store policy states something you can’t make up reasons as you go along to go against it.

*I’ve heard that the Farmer’s Almanac is claiming that we’re going to have a snowy winter and a much cooler September than normal.  As hot as it’s gotten again the past few days, I can’t wait for that to happen — assuming it’s true.  I’d love to be able to comfortably wear cardigans and longer sleeves again.  The mornings are cooler here, but it’s also been insanely humid and I’m not a fan.

*I did actually manage to get all of my office set up last week.  Well, almost all of it, I need to do a few more finishing touches and then I’ll do a reveal of it here.  It’s a nice big space; bigger than my last office and I can do more with the space than I could in my old school. I’m not….the biggest fan of the furniture, but I can get past it.

*As far as today, I have a few things around my home that I need to take care of so that I can head back to work tomorrow.  I have a week of parent meetings and student orientations to look forward to.  So, at least it’s a bit more interactive and interesting than my week full of professional development meetings was last week.  Here’s hoping it goes smoothly and cooler (temperature wise) than last week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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